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Let me tell you about myself.

     Our Cockers are family raised American Cocker Spaniels who are either Champions or have Champion Pedigrees!
I have been around Cockers since I was a kid my parents raised them and owned Champions!
A Cocker Spaniel was all I ever knew as being a family dog.
I have been breeding Cocker Spaniels for 18 years.
We have produced Am. Cocker Spaniels with many titles.
Int. Ch., Can Ch., Am. Ch,  Agility, Field Activities, Rally, Delta Society, CGC, Star Puppy, Trick Dog Title,
best title yet “LOYAL COMPANION”.
I have finished 21 Champions, dogs that I bought and my own bred by’s.  I have a “NEVER give up attitude” as when others told me to give up on a 5 year old, I still finished her as it was about principle.  I have had my dogs in a number of magazine’s, invited to the Eukanuba Nationals, and one away from Westminster.
Was one of the Top Breeders in 2008 and had CVJ’s Sassafras who was a Top Producing Bitch for me in 2008.
Produced the 1st & 2nd Cocker Spaniel Trick Dog in the WORLD.
I’ve spent countless hours volunteering at the local Humane Society and my local kennel club.
I even rescue dogs other than Cockers from time to time such as Great Danes.
Donated many Cocker puppies to charities and some families in general.
I have dogs in other countries such as Canada & France, some of the best Blue Roans and Red Roans in France have came from me.
I have helped others by educating other breeders about Merle, Roans and Sable coat types.
All of our Cockers being used for breeding have been tested for Patella’s.
Cockers rank #5 for Patellas, #134 for Hips OFA,  #103 for Elbows
It is a society thing to push OFA’s hips/elbows and not Patella’s and it put Cockers at risk every time
a dog is put under for this testing.
To see rankings  Patella’s   OFA     Elbow
All of boys have been DNA’d,  Micro Chipped, CERF’d, and Patella’s on all breeding Cockers and OFA’s on some.

Producing exquisite Cocker Spaniels in a total package
health, temperament, confirmation, brains and in all coat types.

In the past I went by Aj Kennels that is why you see Aj’s in front of the registered name or in pedigree’s.
The end of 2011 through 2012 I went through a nasty divorce and I had no choice but to place most of my cockers.
I had major medical issues, which I found I have Cancer, had to have my gallbladder removed, been fighting
debilitating diverticulitis which lead to a colon resection and removal of my appendix.
I am currently battling health issues including heart issues.
I took a huge step back in breeding but it was for the better as I got to concentrate on my children and my health.

Now, major changes.
In 2013 I finally got my happy ending when I married Kenny.

ScreenHunter_186 Oct. 27 11.23

We have a combined family with 6 kids, most of them are grown up and have started their own lives.
Kenny gave me his last name Cakebread therefore the name of Cakebread Cockers!

UsDexter, Kenny and I in 2014

Our Home

Kenny, Nathan our 15 yr old and I live in the suburb of Phoenix, AZ

Kenny Nathan I Our Cockers are our babies and such blessings they are they just happen to have amazing pedigree’s.
They do not live in a kennel and are our family first! We can finally concentrate on quality and not quantity.
We usually have only 1 -2 litters per year.

Dexter and I Ch Shadowcast Talk Is Cheap (Dexter)

Please go to Gallery page click on Past dogs to see some of our past cockers.
Enjoy some Cocker videos on the Video’s page.

My Goal for 2016 -2017:
Will be producing show quality puppies in the next couple of years.
Keeping a couple of girls to go on with.
Having you find me ringside in 2016 as I plan on having some show prospects.
You will also be seeing us in 2016 at CERF clinics
In 2016 you will see all those old enough to have OFA’s done getting them done.
I have a roan litter in the makings coming up in Fall 2016
I also applied to become a AKC Breeder of Merit as I have all the qualifications for it!


I am planning on being a member of the Great Dane Club of America.
We currently own a Great Dane pup named Cash who is out of 2 top 20 dogs in the country.
You will find our family showing him in 2016


CashCash 5 months old

The motto here….”It’s All About The Dogs”

You find us taking trips, watching tv with a cocker on our lap, sleeping with our dogs, playing with our dogs.
We have a variety of colored puppies and I am sure you will find that one you absolutely will fall in love with.

Thank you for visiting!


Email: for any questions or available puppies


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