Aj’s You Talkin’ ‘Bout My Merle Ash


DOB 11/14/2014

Sire: Ch. Shadowcast Talk Is Cheap
Dam: Aj’s She’s A Crazy Ash Merle


Dexter- Ch Shadowcast Talk Is Cheap Her sire Dexter – See him on the Boys page

Willow- Aj's Crazy Merle Ash Her Dam Willow- See her on the Girls page.

Introducing Ginger:
In 18 years I have not seen nothing quiet like Ginger.
From a distance she appears to be a solid buff but don’t let her color fool you.
Ginger is genetically a merle solid female.
She clearly displays the blue eyes.
She also carries the brown gene.
She can produce both solid merles and parti merles.
She is definitely is unique and can’t wait to see what she will produce.

Ginger self stacking

What a wonderful self stack!

Ginger - Buff Merle with Blue eyes

Ginger Blue Merle

I so love my toys!


ScreenHunter_382 Nov. 10 22.24

ScreenHunter_381 Nov. 10 22.24

Aj’s You Talkin’ ‘Bout My Merle Ash

Aj’s You Talkin’ ‘Bout My Merle Ash

Ginger May 2015Ginger May 2015

May 2015

August 2016August 2016

Ginger Another pretty head shot of Ginger

Ginger StackedGinger self stacking.

Ginger howlingGinger singing the blues.

Ginger sitting prettyPuppy photo

Look at me GingerGinger sitting with Nathan

Ginger head shot

Ginger down the stairs Ginger going down the steps

GingerGinger loves her Bo-Bo

GingerHaving a birthday party at the house and Ginger is just prancing around with her toy.

GingerNathan and Ginger

Enjoy some of Ginger’s videos in 2016

Blue Merle and Tan Cocker Puppy
This is Ginger’s sister another pretty blue merle girl

Cocker Spaniel bar