Marlys Gallager made this amazing artwork for Nancy Vickers of NV Cockers over 10 years ago and it was done in ink.  The major detail and foundation all came from the original designer not the next two designers as they were reproductions!
Click for Marlys release of copyright statement and Marlys asking cease and desist using it or claiming rights to it to make sure I had my ducks in a row so to speak I and before I spent more money on recreating this logo on 07/31/2017 I got the original artist to release the copyright that way going forward I would not have any issues.
A 2nd version of the logo was created by Bar Butler.
According to Nancy, Bar was also commissioned thus giving up the copyright logo under state law. It became a big deal as Bar was then selling other colored versions of Nancy’s logo to others to use.

Marlys recently became aware of this whole situation and felt that she should have been contacted when Barbara Butler thought she owned the copyright to it after she basically colored it in. She did NOT own any copyrights to it.   Bar labeled it pretty much her work which indeed really it was not at all.

Then a 3rd logo was created for Nancy using the same foundation drawing from Marlys.
It was done by Wendy Reyn – Winconline gave it an updated look.   Wendy was commissioned and Nancy owned the copyright to all the artworks created.   On 11-3-2015 Nancy gave me permission to use any of the logos, gave me the copyrights to them and told me I can change them any way I see fit.    Click to see Statement from Nancy
I built my website and started using the 3rd logo as agreed upon by Nancy.
On 7-30-2017 I get an email-  This is official notice to remove this logo and all versions of it on your website as it is copyright protected by myself and is a commissioned logo for NV Cockers.
She also went to Facebook and had them remove any material that I had with the logo and gave me 72 hours to remove the logo.  I showed her the written statement from Nancy to prove that I just didn’t steal it, that I thought I went through the proper steps.  Nancy told Wendy I could use it, told Wendy that she was completely out of dogs.   Nancy has no desire to get involved.  Nancy nor I knew that Wendy retained copyrights to it and that I couldn’t use it.   No, it was not stolen.
Wendy’s real reason is because she doesn’t design for breeders of non-showable colour dogs that carry colour gene mutations, as per the breed standard, due to the fallout from the Breed Club members.
My opinion rewording it, because I breed Merles she doesn’t want me to use it.  Simple.

So, I am just going to take it down even though I don’t believe I am in the wrong.

Not to upset about it though because I look at it like I got the foundation drawing and in dogs as long as you have a solid foundation you can achieve your goals, well most of the time!