Maddie is 19 pounds
She has produced Tri, black/white, Red/whites when bred to a tri


I am very pleased to have this girl as she goes back to my girl Promise who
I owned and loved up until my divorce.
Promise was always an extraordinary girl who had an amazing personality
and that is why I named her Lin-Mar’s N Aj’s Pursuit of Happiness- Promise
which you can see her photo down below and also on the Sables page.
When I got this girl I named her with the Happiness theme..
As I know she too will bring me great joy!



SireSire:  Ch. Cubuz N Kayla’s Bourne Legacy

Dam:  Starkey’s N Kayla’s Secret Star

Ch Genji’s U Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet N’th F.O.GCh Genji’s U Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet N’th F.O.G
Did you know that what the N’th F.O.G stands for?
In The Favor Of God
CH. Crescentmoon's Treasure RockCh. Crescentmoon’s Treasure Rock – Rock

Aj's N Lin-Mar's Pursuit of Happiness- PromiseLin-Mar’s N Aj’s Pursuit of Happiness- Promise
As seen on the sables page and her kids are on there as well.

PuppyMaddie as a puppy

screenhunter_2091-nov-22-17-00Maddie as a puppy

screenhunter_2092-nov-22-17-00Watch Maddie grow. . .