Once Upon A Time

ScreenHunter_191 Oct. 27 11.31Ch. Superior’s Gift to Shadowcast – Harry

Harry FaceCh. Superior’s Gift to Shadowcast – Harry
Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom – Neville
Ch. Aj’s Lord Voldemort – Riddle
Aj’s Magical Diary CGC TD- Maggie (Champion Pointed)
Aj’s Know-It-All – Rainy

RiddleKeeperOur 1st Homebred Champion!
Ch. Aj’s Lord Voldemort- Riddle
2-26-2007 to 1-31-2017

ScreenHunter_200 Oct. 27 11.54My beloved Neville
Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom

TDCH,Int/Am Ch. Aj’s Royal Wizard CGC,RN
Out of Neville
Royal is the 1st Cocker Spaniel Trick Dog in the WORLD!
Ch. Aj's Royal Wizard - Royal Makes history with Trick Dog titleWe own his 1/2 brother Deuce go to our boys page.

RuckusCh. Aj’s N MHC’s Born To Cause A Ruckus
Out of Riddle x Lucy

facekeepAj’s Aine Loves Ya-  Rae (Champion Pointed)
Rae was named after a dear friend of mine.
Rae is Champion Pointed

websitedesignCVJ’s Sassafras- Sassy
Sassy produced Amazing kids!
Neville and Riddle are just a few.
Multiple Champion Producer!
She was a Top Producing Bitch in 2008

LUCYLegacee’s Let’s Have A Ball- Lucy
Mother to Ruckus and Rae
Lucy produced puppies with cataracts and then she broke with cataracts at age 5-6
She was blind in both eyes by 7 years old.
Her Champion son Ruckus above broke with cataracts at age 1
Champion Producer!

TRUKEEPFORSITECh. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained – Tru

Aj's Royal Enchantress-Spice-  Aj’s Royal Enchantress (Champion Pointed)
Ch. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love x Ch. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained
2nd Cocker Spaniel in the World to obtain a Trick Dog title.
Spice was bred twice but she never took either times.
Spice has been spayed and lives a wonderful life as a pampered pet.
Spice’s Page

ShazamCh. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love – Shazam
He placed in the wrong hands while going through a divorce
Shazam was sold to Alice from Wunderland Cockers with the 1st right of refusal
weeks after getting him she placed him in a breeders home without
offering me back.
He was sold to Christy Davenport and I contacted her.
One minute she said I could buy him back but then wanted to use him again.
For one reason after another because she was pumping out puppies.
Shazam not long after passed away in the Christy’s home.
I offered many times to purchase Shazam back!
Trusting Alice Gettlefinger of Wunderland Cockers with him was the worst things I have done.
Shazam has produced many extraordinary kids and grandkids
that are Champions
I so miss you Sam I Am..

BerryDesert Rose’s Blueberry Shake
This is Shazam’s sire.  ( I have not owned him just showing photo of)

CH. cvj's Que sera sera-Ch. CVJ’s Que Sera Sera
This is Shazam’s Mom (I have not owned her just showing photo of)

Amy3Ch. ShadowCast She’s Irresistible- Amy
Amy became a Champion at age 5 because it was about principle.
I knew this girl could finish.
Amy was placed in 2012 during my divorce in the same home as Shazam.
She was placed with Alice Gettlefinger of Wunderland Cockers.
After pumping out litters of her she was sold for GREED.
I offered to take her back fixed or not.
I had the 1st right of refusal on this girl which I didn’t get.
One minute she was going to allow me to have her back but out of greed she sold her
and she was very ill and passed away!
Wunderland Cockers is a complete joke, dishonest, does not follow through!

EstoriAj’s Bedtime Stories- Stori
Story has champion pointed kids.

Castle N Aj's Familur Wind- BreezyCastle’s N Aj’s Familiar Wind- Breezy
BreezyCh. Ashleysown DeJa Vu x Ch. Echowood’s Colours Of The Wind
Breezy was not a very health girl.
She produced kids with cherry eyes, hernias and cataracts.
When she doubled up on a certain line it was even more of a disaster.
Breezy had back issues degenerative disc disease which caused her to have paralysis of her hind legs;
on many occasions had multiple rounds of predisone.
She also has auto immune and thyroid issues.
Later on we eventually had to put Breezy to rest.
As you can see she is a true red.
Her daughter Aj’s N Am’s She’s Blowin Smoke produced 2 Champion kids.
Breezy has several champion grandkids and kids with champion pts.

Breezy’s grandkids.

(I am not the breeder of these babies)
However they are Breezy’s daughters puppies
and I produced Breezy’s daughter as Breezy’s daughter was red
and that is where they got the red from.
These are what Red Cocker Spaniels should look like.

Out of Ch. Aj's Neville LongbottomParis out of Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom and Ch. ShadowCast You Look Marvelous

 CH. ShadowCast You Look MarvelousCh. ShadowCast You Look Marvelous- Crystal
Multiple Champion Producer.
Eukanuba Invitee.

CAN Ch. Keystone Haulin' Ash - AshtonCAN CH. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash- Ashton
Ashton was given to me by Lynn from Keystone Cockers
My dad picked Ashton up in Oklahoma on his way back to Nebraska from Arizona.
My Dad bonded with Ashton and absolutely loved this boy!
In 2009 my Dad passed away and I couldn’t handle Ashton as it was a constant reminder of Dad.
I placed Ashton with Chicoryhill Cocker Spaniels in Canada where he became a Canadian Champion!
A couple years to the day Ashton passed away.
Ashton has produced some outstanding Sable Cockers both with Chicoryhills and I.
See some of his past puppies on the Sables Page under Education.
I currently have some of his grandkids!

Aj's What A Jack Ash x Aj's Haulin' AshAj’s What A Jack Ash – Aj’s Haulin’ Ash – Bo
Bo is out of Ashton

Ch. Harmony's Phantom Of The Opera aka AaronCh. Harmony’s Phantom of The Opera – Aaron
Aaron has produced multiple Champion kids.
If you are looking for a Cocker to have it all look no further.
Everything he produced was to die for.
However, he was an ass of a dog that had temperament issues
and some of his off spring had the same issue with the instinct to kill.

Aj's Kyss My Merle Ash Aj’s Kyss My Merle Ash- Bentley
Bentley currently lives in the United Kingdom.

Ania's N Aj's Jack Frost aka BlizzardAnia’s N Aj’s Jack Frost aka Blizzard
Tiny Treasure’s Silver Dream Casper x Ania’s Je’mai Pel Chanel
Breeder Ania’s- Anita Bak
This boy he had HUGE temperament issues.
He was a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde type dog.  He could snap at any moment.
Even his handler seen him snap many times.
He was sold to what I thought was a pet home and then went through many hands to get to Mable Ingram
who is a breeder and I never wanted Blizzard now known as Cash to be in that type of home.
Really pisses me off.
Due to his anger issues he had to be placed and not be in our breeding program.

Ch. Che-Lee's Radio Flyer - CarsonCh. Che-Lee’s Radio Flyer – Carson
Carson produced nice heads and tons of coat.
He also produced bad bites and cleft palates.

Ch. Shadowcast Talk Is Cheap- DexterCh. Shadowcast Talk Is Cheap – Dexter

Ch. Shadowcast Gianni Versace- Gianni
Ch Shadowcast Gianni Versace- Gianni
He is the son of Crystal
Gianni produced hermaphrodites in multiple litters.

Aj's Finding Merle - NemoAj’s Finding Merle – Nemo

Aj's Dragon Slayer- PlayerAj’s Dragon Slayer – Player
He produced very nice Sable parti’s

Aj's N Lin-Mar's Pursuit of Happiness- Promise Aj’s N Lin-Mar’s Pursuit of Happiness- Promise
Promise produced extraordinary sables!

Sunny D's N Aj's Shake Your Tail FeathersAj’s Can’t Shake That Feeling at Sunny J’s – Shake

Ch. Harmony N Lanmark's Simon Says - Simon Ch.  Harmony N Lanmark’s Simon Says- Simon
Simon produced many puppies with Cataracts at an early age.
He produced bad bites and inverted hind legs.
Simon himself developed juvenile cataracts.
I highly recommend not having a pedigree with this dog in it at all.

Homespun's Vino Benito- VinoHomespun’s Vino Benito- Vino
Producer of multiple Champion Kids!
Sire to Ch. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained – Tru
Ch. Touches On The Right Track Baby
Most of our female cockers go back to Vino he is just one awesome dog.

He is a Vino son.
Because he was out of Natalie CVJ’s N Aj’s U Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
he ended up with a bad bite as she was known for producing bite issues.

TobyHomespun’s Who’s Your Daddy- Toby

JoslinJacobsen’s Little Red Corvette – Joslin
Ch. A to Z’s Play -N To Win x Ch. Jacobsen’s -Do you-blve-magic
Joslin broke with Cataracts in 2011 and was never bred.

KamiRaysan’s Passions Delight – Kami
Eriquest Hocus Pocus x Whispering Hollow’s Summer Lace
No matter who I bred her to she always produced sickly puppies and cherry eye.

EchoColdry’s Electric Avenue- Echo
Ch Coldry’s Sweet Seduction x Ch Coldry’s Sweet City Woman
He was placed in 2011 as he has a temperament issue and a bad bite.

Ch. Che-Lee's Superstition- Wizard Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition

Ch Criterion Tri My Patience - Charity Ch. Criterion Tri My Patience – Charity
See her daughter Bg below

Ch. PBJ's Boot Scootin' Boogie- SpunkyCh. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie- Spunky
Spunky produced some amazing merle and sable babies while here.
She has produced multiple Champions.
We currently own her son Bo and grand son Zander.

CVJ's N Aj's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet- Natalie
CVJ’s N Aj’s U Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet- Natalie
Natalie was purchased from Val Roether from CVJ Cockers
Natalie had a lot of health issues
When I first got Natalie she had pneumonia and other health issues.
I had an agreement that I owed Val a puppy back.
I didn’t want to give her a puppy back because of the health issues and the thousands of dollars
I poured into this girl just to make her healthy.
Natalie had Auto Immune issues (there is no known testing for this gene as of yet)
Natalie did not pass her Patella’s in Nov. 2011
She ended up with cataracts in both eyes and produced kids with cataracts.
I tried to keep a puppy out of her and one of my healthiest males to try to go on with but
at 6 months old at a dog show evaluated his bite and it was off so I placed him as well.
I tried another breeding to another male and same issue, kept the puppy started showing him and his bite went off.
The bad bites were coming from Natalie and I never produced bad bites after that with the boys.
I had an agreement that I owed her a puppy back and she was did everything in her power to get her puppy back
even though there was health issues and she was very aware of them but she didn’t care!
She got a daughter Aj’s N CVJ’s Back Atcha
This girl was taken to Eilene White’s house in 2009 as Val had a run in with Animal Control.
At that time Eilene emailed and called me about taking this girl as she didn’t want her there.
Aj’s N CVJ’s Back Atcha was pregnant and she had cataracts.
Val ended up taking her back from Eilene whelped the litter of puppies and
kept a daughter from her named CVJ’s Get Back.
I have tried constantly to tell other breeders that they do NOT want this pedigree with this dog behind them.
There are health issues here.
There was even a Westminster Invitee with this pedigree behind her but it doesn’t matter
to them it’s all about the win, the ribbons, the ego and they keep on breeding this crappy pedigree with health ridden dogs behind them.

I have been seeing a lot of roans that has dogs behind them that go back to them but they are not
listening or they don’t do their research,
If you have this dog or any dogs that I listed below Natalie’s picture in your pedigree I highly would be careful.
Natalie was spayed after these finding and placed in a pet home.

Aj's Heebee Jeebie - Bg Aj’s Heebee Jeebie – Bg
Homespun’s Vino Benito (Vino) x Ch. Criterion Tri My Patience
Produced 1 Champion son and has champion grandkids!

Aj's Playin' To Win - AJ Aj’s Playin’ To Win- Aj
Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom x Tell Tail’s Playin’ For Keeps

Sandcastles Bobsey Twin- BobbiesSandcastles Bobsey Twin – Bobbie
Mother to Sarah – Grandma to Zander

Shadowcast N Aj's Hot Gossip Shadowcast N Aj’s Hot Gossip – Gossip (Champion Pointed)
Currently lives with Rockhaven Cockers!

Aj's Know It All - RainyAj’s Know It All- Rainy
She is a sister to Neville and Riddle
Her son CVJ’s Tye Dye lives at CVJ’s Cockers
Her daughter lives at MHC’s

TommyAM’S N Aj’s -Namees Dark Chocolate – Tommy
Tommy goes back to Merle on both sides of his pedigree.
He went into the ring in Lincoln, Ne and won his class against professional handlers.

Aj's Bad Ash Merle - KaliAj’s Bad Ash Merle – Kali
CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash x  Trublue’s M’ily Of Wyndsong
Above you will find Ashton her sire above and her Dam Emily below.
Kali is a Sable Merle Parti

Trublue's M'ily Of Wyndsong- EmilyTrublue’s M’ily of Wyndsong- Emily
She is behind a lot of Merle Cockers today!
Emily was bred to many Champions and then her kids
were bred up again to Champions.
A true example would be Ginger see her on her page.
Emily is in a retirement home with her two son and grandson!

Aj's As Clear As Day Merle- SkyAj’s As Clear As Day Merle- Sky
Sky had one litter of puppies at our home.
She was placed in a pet home when I got Emily.

ScrunchyTani-Otoshis Lotus Flower – Scrunchy
She produced some amazing kids.
Her Champion daughter is Tru.

PrissyAm Erica’s Soul Sister- Prissy
Mother to Spunky

IlsaSandcastle’s I’ve Been Spotted – Ilsa

Aj's Pretty Is As Pretty Does- PrettyAj’s Pretty Is As Pretty Does- Pretty
Pretty was AKC Pointed
Ch. Che-Lee’s Radio Flyer x Shandilyn’s Fancy Free
Pretty was the most prettiest female that I ever had.

Aj's N Emeralds No Place Like Home- RubyAj’s N Emeralds No Place Like Home – Ruby
Out of Amy

Aj's N Emeralds If I Only Had A Brain- TwisterAj’s N Emeralds If I Only Had A Brain- Twister
Out of Amy

Aj's N Emeralds Put Em Up Put Em Up- ZekeAj’s N Emeralds Put Em Up Put Em Up- Zeke
Out of Amy

Am's Rhapsody Legend By Design- PrissyAm’s Rhapsody Legend By Design – Prissy
Although Prissy goes back to Sassy x Vino she was not of good quality.
She actually had a lot of faults.
Sassy was behind her, Sassy had Jubans there
Vino was behind her and he had Quazar
then on top of that bred back to Che-Lee’s Step In Style
which goes back to Juban’s.
It was a total eye and seizure mess if you know what I mean.
I was told years ago that Prissy’s mom had produced pups with cataracts.
She also had a vaginal stricture which is believe to be genetic.
Prissy was also passed around from breeder to breeder.
She was owned by Miranda Wagoner and then I
at 7 years old Prissy was put to sleep by her new owner due to mammary cancer.
There are many roans out there that might have her in the pedigree.
Please be aware that this is NOT the pedigree to have!

This is Prissy’s Mom
She was bred by me and behind a lot of roans currently.

Shandilyn's Fancy Free- FancyShandilyn’s Fancy Free- Fancy

AJ's N Emerald's Endeavour FlynnCh. Aj’s N Emerald’s Endeavour – Flynn
Bred by myself and finished owner handler by Kim Stanley
Sire is Shazam


Aj's and Keisue's Deja VuAj’s and Keisue’s Deja Vu

Aj's She's A Bad Ash- SarahAj’s She’s A Bad Ash- Sarah
Sarah is Zander’s mom

CVJ's Carry On- Kari CVJ’s Carry On- Kari
Multiple Champion Producer
She is the mom to Royal above and Deuce on the boys page.
This girl is a proven example it is not the dog it is what is behind the dog.
This girl is not very eye pleasing but what she produces is amazing!

ChuckieTell-Tail’s Chuck Berry
Sire to 1 Champion and also Deuce on the boys page.

Riegelz N Aj's Bitter Sweet- AshleyRiegelz N Aj’s Bitter Sweet – Ashley

Aj's Can't Buy Me A Love StoryAj’s Can’t Buy Me A Love Story- Amelia
Amelia was bred by us, lives with Shannon P.

Morgan- Ch. Brickett's Woman On A MissionCh. Brickett’s Woman On A Mission aka Morgan
I did a trade with Kevin Payne for Champion Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition (Wizard)
and she came to me with mats and you could actually see her back bone and ribs plus had walking dandruff.
I actually have photos for proof.
Morgan broke with double cataracts and also produced puppies with cataracts and hermaphrodites.
Puppies that she produced with her prior owner also has the same medical issues
which I found out in Summer 2016.
Morgan retired after her 2nd litter and lives with my ex husband.


Sandcastle's Puppy-OSandcastle’s Puppy-O
(Not one of our past dogs but in Zanders pedigree)

Ch. Legacee's Final EncoreCh. Legacee’s Final Encore
(Not one of our past dogs but in Zanders pedigree)
Brother to Lucy above who we owned and Father to Bobbie above.

Che-Lee's Just In Time A CVJChe-Lee’s Just In Time A CVJ – Justin
Justin was AKC Champion pointed
(He was not our past dog but in a lot of our pedigree’s)
He is the Sire to Sassy above.

Ch. Cvj's EpiphanyCh. CVJ’s Epiphany
(She was not our past dog but in a lot of our pedigree’s)
She is the Dam to Sassy above.

Hope you enjoyed your stay looking through our photos!