Pet Care

  • WAHL® ARCO SE™ Clipper is a lightweight pet clipper that offers continuous cordless operation
  • Amazingly quiet with no vibration, plus it is always cool running
  • Teal comes with #45 non-adjustable surgical cut blade. Other colors come with a 5-in-1 detachable blade.
  • Includes 2 batteries and each battery offers 80 minutes of run time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Price $109.99
Found at Revivial Animal Health










  • Andis® UltraEdge® Pro Clip AGC2 Clipper
  • Detachable blade system
  • Cool and quiet running
  • Shatter-proof housing
  • Perfect for all coats and breeds
    Price $159.95
    Found at Revival Animal



Mars Coat King 20 Price $63.31


I prefer All Sytems brands as I have all three of these since 2003 and they are still going strong

These 44/20 Taperfine 46-Tooth Thinning Shears Price $130.00 Found PetEdge


7″ Curved Shear- Chris Christensen – Price $170.00

You can find these as Pet Smart
They have multiple lengths and I usually get the long ones
I usually use these around the puppies toes.
They sell both versions with and without the ball at the end at Pet Smart.
I own both and recommend these for those learning to trim.

Double K® ChallengAir 2000XL Variable-Speed Dryer- Price $244.99- Found at PetEdge

Ear Magic- Price $21.90-  Found at Ez Groom


These are my favorite Shampoo’s but I do like Oatmeal Shampoo’s too.
You also find me using Dawn Dish soap occasionally.
KetoChlor- I use this on my moms, it is an antiseptic great to wash stomachs off.
Miracle Coat Leave In Conditioner- Spray on – Petco
Bio-Groom Coat Polish- take 4 cups water to 1/2 bottle to make another mixture.

Bells for collars to tell were they are so you don’t step on them.
You can find the bells at or go to your local Walmart and find the single bells in the craft section.

Spray on Glosser – Price $9.19 – Found at Sally’s Beauty Supply

Grooming table – Price $121.49- Found at Revival Animal

Grooming Video that has come in handy is by Jodi Murphy the dvd you are looking to purchase is
The American Cocker Spaniel – The Show Trim approx price is 35.00 and is usually to you within a week.  One of the best DVDs I have seen!
I believe she even has a pet one.

This is a Puppy Playpen that recommending getting from Ryan’s Pet Supply you can order it online and have it shipped to you.
There is two of them in this size, please make sure you get the 1 inch grid so puppy poo can go down as the 1/2 inch one will not work.
I like this crate during the training process of your puppy.
You can put puppy pee pads on the bottom
The floor grid is adjustable and you don’t have to have it at the top like this picture is showing you can have it at the bottom too.

This is a closet shelf that you find at most hardware or big box lumber stores.
You can get them usually in 4 foot to X amount long and they come from 8 inches wide up to 20 + inches.
They can be cut down
What I use these for is block entries of doors like the kitchen entry when a baby gate will not fit.
You can also get the 4 foot length ones and make a square so they have a play area using zip ties on on the corners.
They have clips that you can purchase to mount these to the walls like if you were actually using them as closet shelves.
Cost for this solution is not horrible.
You could also put four of them together and use zip ties on the corners to make a area for them to play in as well.

Making a small area for your Cocker baby out of closet shelving

Making a floor grate for a wired cage so poo and pee falls through while your puppy is learning how to potty outside.



We only use bowls for our babies once they grow up we use Stainless Steel Pails like this one you see above.
There are different size of pails their are smaller ones starting at 1 qt all the way up to a Great Dane size.
Pails also come flat sided or round like this one.   Flat sided meaning one side is flat up against an object so they can lay properly.
However I don’t like the flat sided ones with the clips on them it just has to be flat sided without the clip/hanger before I will buy it.
If you are just using this free standing and not wanting to hang it on a crate than this type will work.
For babies meaning 8 weeks to 6-8 months old I like the 1 qt pail also is good for travel
We also use the 2 qt pail most of the time.
Why do we use pails first thing they are stainless and stainless is your friend, bacteria can hide in ceramic and plastic far more than stainless.  Cockers do have folds near their mouths which bacteria hides and with them using the pail their ears usually hang off the sides most of the time when their muzzle goes into the pail, making sure they stay clean and not wet when they eat or drink.
There are a lot of pet places that you can get these.

Here is some cleaning products that we use, some are very good for keeping the odor down and some are just used for cleaning.