Sarah November 2017

Just out on a daily walk

I so love this girls head

Sarah and Zander as babies

She has great movement! 

About Sarah
Sarah was born at our home and she went to a fellow breeder
Due to having health issues of the owner she wanted to place Pushkin.
I purchased Pushkin back for the price she paid for her as an 8 week old puppy
as I didn’t want her to end up in the wrong hands.
When Pushkin came here she was not in the best of shape.
I tried to prepare myself and my husband for the condition she was coming in but
it didn’t even do it justice.
See Pushkin had to stay at the vet the night before just because she couldn’t pass the
Health Certificate and had a fever so I knew this wasn’t going to be good.
When she arrived most of her legs were straw yellow and she was saturated in pee.
It was an eye burning amount of smell that was coming from her.
The smell was horrible and her crate was so bad it stayed at the airport.
We came home and shaved Pushkin down in a 10 blade and gave her a bath.
When shaving her down you could tell she only seen the clippers when we had her and when
she had her first litter of puppies with her past owner,
because she was freaking out and I couldn’t get the clippers near her face and had to trim with scissors.
In all these years I never had to do that on a grown adult cocker.
It was very sad that she was that stressed and I was even worried that she would bite us due to stress.
We had to stop the processes of shaving her totally down.
We found that she had fleas so we had to dip her in a flea bath.
Also we gave her a shot of Neopar to protect her from Parvo.
Dewormed her and also put her on a heartworm preventive
Since she came back here we also changed her name to Sarah
naming her after her mom Sarah which was such a sweet girl.
We gave her a new start and a new life of being taken care of.
We are working diligently at making Sarah social.
She loves to give kisses and seems like she is thanking us for taking care of her.
Our plan is to let Sarah’s hair grow out and take some up to date photos of her and
work with grooming her so she can be this pretty girl that I know she is.
This will take about a year to get her in coat or more because we are working with
her learning about getting facial trims and brushing.
Update:  Now that it has been a while she has really started to come around.
She is so in love with me and I so love her.
I love her how well built this girl is, I love how loving she is and there
is not enough I can say about her.
I am really glad she came back home.

ScreenHunter_200 Oct. 27 11.54 Sire:  Ch Aj’s Neville Longbottom

Sarah Dam:  Aj’s She’s A Bad Ash

This is Sarah’s mom and our new Sarah’s Grandma aka Bobbie

Zander headshot
Aj’s Born To Be A Bad Ash aka Zander
Zander is Sarah’s full littermate

Sarah’s brother Zander

CAN Ch. Keystone Haulin' Ash - Ashton

CAN CH. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash
He was a multiple champion producer.
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Ch. PBJ's Boot Scootin' Boogie- Spunky

CH. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie aka Spunky
She is a multiple Champion producer.

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