Building Up A Male Dog

A couple years back I found a website about Building up a Male dog and I figured I would give it a try on an older dog of mine
that I had no luck with producing litters with.
I have since used it both on males and females and those that had smaller litters to see it if it would help.
I believe it has helped but use your own judgment.

Below is a photo of what I used
Saw Palmetto 550mg- Helps with Male Prostate
Tribulus 500mg – Makes more sperm and better ova
Sarsaparilla Root- 425 mg -does the same thing as Tribulus but I use both of them at the same time.
Damiana- 400 Libeto
Ester C- Calcium + C- increases the vigor of sperm
Wheat Germ + Vitamin E- Fertilizer (Not pictured)

Once she does become pregnant I use Folic Acid every day to make sure you don’t get clefts.
I use this as 10 years ago I had issues with clefts from another breeders line and to possibly prevent them I use this
even though they have been removed from my breeding program.

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