How did you learn to groom?

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I went to Wal-Mart many years ago and got a pair of $30.00 clippers.
The reason I did that was because I was tired of taking my Cocker Gizmo to the groomers and paying that price because it felt like every month I was there.
Most cocker clips at a groomers start out as cheap as $30.00 and work up to almost $100.00
I figured there had to be a cheaper way of doing that.
That was when I bought clippers. I did find out that those clippers where not the best, the blades never stayed sharp the clippers were very loud and the dogs were kind of scared of them.
That is when I bought a semi professional pair of clippers.
You can find these at PetEdge, Revival Animal Health, and EzGroom plus many other places.
I use both a corded clipper and a cordless clipper. I paid roughly $200-$300.00 for my clippers.
I currently own two clippers a Whal Cordless and a Andis Super 2 Speed
I have been self taught how to groom watching dogs at dog shows being groomed, looking at photos etc.  I must admit some of puppies look pretty cute clipped, some not so pretty.
The top knot and the bells of the feet have always given me grief.
Some puppies they stay still longer, allowing me to do a better job others want to move the whole time.
I am not a professional by no means and I don’t claim to be.
I am still learning how to do a correct cocker cut and still in the process of learning to trim show dogs.
To me the hardest thing yet has to be shaving them down and not making them look like a chop job.
I am learning what products to use and what not to use as well.
There is a link to a DVD by Jodi Murphy that I suggest any Cocker owner to get.

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