Gallery 3



Roan babyKatie and her husband took this amazing photo of
a blue roan and tan male she got from me on their wedding day!

DogwoodWonderful ad in the local area of Sioux City, Iowa
Using Mike Gills boys he got from me.

Sable SistersPretty as a picture Kali and Ilsa two sable girls that Kim got from me.

Wedding Day! Cocker SpanielSarah Snyder on her wedding day with her girl Lucy
Lucy came from us and is related to Neville.


 It is very cool to see someone put our Cakebread Cockers logo on them for life!
Shannon is a groomer and also a past Cocker breeder.

Angela KussmanChristmas 2015
Age 9 years old
The parti color in the middle is a brother to Ch. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained aka Tru

Pucker and his new dad out of
Shazam x Bg

Christmas 2017
Age 11 years old
The parti color sitting in the chair is a brother to Ch. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained aka Tru

Painting of Allie (Lottie)
Painted by Debbie Stonebraker for owner Amy Ragsdale
Painted January 2017

Below are some sayings that I was playing around with in Photoshop
I hope you like them and if you want please share them!
Right click and save image as to download them to your computer.