Getting your puppy

We do not ship our puppies!!

Below are options, but they are in random order.

Option 1.  Delivery via car.
(Cost varies based on distance) Not all the time this is available and must be agreed upon when receiving the deposit.
We get to choose if this option will work for us, do NOT assume this will work.
The place, location and time is our choice.
We will deliver up to 2 hours from our location which has to be agreeable at time of deposit.
This service is available at the cost of $35.00 per hour and is figured on a round trip basis, for example, if we live 2 hours away and it takes us 2 hours to get back home, the charge will be $140.00
We will round up to next hour if we go past the 2 hour time.
We try to meet in public places and near a highway so both parties can easily get back on the road home.
This fee is to cover travel expenses.
You will provide your own crate to transport your puppy back home.
Delivery can be cancelled by breeder for any reason at any time.  Examples – Weather related or family emergency.

Option 2.  Airport Delivery
Fees as follow:
Sioux City, Iowa (SUX) $100
Sioux Falls, SD (SFD) or Omaha, NE (OMA) is $150
This covers travel expenses including parking garage fees.
We must agree to the date, time and location at the time of deposit.
You will fly into agreed airport, we will meet you near the entrance.
You will be responsible for the fees of traveling with your puppy on the airline of your choice this includes lodging and you will bring your puppy in the cabin with you.

If your puppy is older than 10 weeks old an additional fee of $45.00 for a Rabies is required.

You will be responsible for booking the fights and puppy transportation, with an agreeable time and date for delivery.
As of this post, American Airlines allows puppies as young as 8 weeks of age to travel in cabin.
United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines the puppies have to be at least 10 weeks to travel.
Please make sure to contact the airline which you plan on using prior to booking the flight to make sure age restrictions have not changed without notice as we will not be responsible for age restrictions. 

  • The airline may charge you a fee to bring your puppy on board which you will be responsible for.
    ***You will need to bring a soft sided crate***
    I will NOT be bringing you a crate for travel and the airports do not sell crates for you to purchase! 

  • As of this post, American Airlines , Frontier , Allegiant Air allows puppies as young as 8 weeks to travel in the cabin.
    United AirlinesDelta Airlines and Southwest Airlines the puppies have to be at least 10 weeks to travel.
  • Approx. cost for Carry On Pet fee- prices and fees may change without notice.
    American Airlines $125, Delta $125, Frontier $99, Southwest $95, United $125, JetBlue $125
    Click links for details per each airline.

Option 3.  Ground Transportation-
There are many companies throughout the United States that offer ground transportation.
Due to Covid, this is an option that I once didn’t agree with.
You would be responsible to find a company to pick up your puppy and bring it to your home, including all communication with that company.
You would be responsible for all charges associated with this transaction.
We must have an agreeable time and date of pick up no later than 2 weeks prior to the puppy turning 8 weeks of age
as a Health Certificate will be needed to leave with puppy so proper scheduling is required.

I worry about the length of time shippers are on the road as there is a higher probability of contracting parvo, fleas, other parasites and diseases from other puppies with the shipper.
We are not responsible for any medical issues that arise if you choose this option.
We are also not responsible for the condition you receive your puppy in as we do not know know the care given while with the shipper.

If ground transportation is used at your choice we have the right to turn away the third party shipper for any reason with no recourse.

Option 4.  Flight Nanny
There are flight nanny’s that will meet breeders at airports and transport puppies.
You would be responsible to find such person/company that does this.  You would be responsible for all charges.

We have worked recently with a flight nanny company who can assist you if need be.
The cost is approx. $650 to $750
$150 deposit is required by them, documents must be signed and sent back, pets will be in cabin only.
You must arrive 30 minutes prior so you are on time as they are punctual so they can get to the next flight.
All Nanny’s are on stand by so times can change without notice!

We charge a delivery charge to meet the flight nanny.
***The closest airport is Sioux City, Iowa or Sioux Falls, SD***
Sioux City, Iowa (SUX) $100
Sioux Falls, SD (SFD) or Omaha, NE (OMA) is $150

We must agree at the time of deposit that you are choosing this option.
We will need to know 2 weeks prior to the puppy turning 8 weeks, which airport, time and date that the flight nanny will be flying into. Our first choice is Sioux City, Iowa especially in the winter months due to weather.

We have the right to cancel at any time drop off to the flight nanny due to weather related issues on our end without recourse.

All puppies and dogs over the age of 10 weeks will be required to be vaccinated for rabies.
This is not an option. This required by the State and Vet.
The cost is $45.00 the buyer will be responsible for this cost plus the price of shipping.
It is the cost of the exam plus rabies vaccination.
Take the rabies certificate to your local lic. authorities where you live and they should give you a new rabies tag for your pet.