Grooming Room

In 2020-2021 we are currently in the building stages of our new grooming room.
We are converting our garage which is only feet away from our house into our new grooming room!
We are not opening grooming to the public but use for our own dogs.

Our plans:
We have already placed a wall in the middle of our garage.
We have fully insulated it plus all exterior walls including ceiling with the highest R value we could get for 2 x 6 walls.
The walls and ceiling have metal on them so there is no chewing of any walls plus easy to clean.

Water lines have been added so our professional grade grooming tub pictured above can be hooked up
plus this also makes the area easy to hose out incase of an accident, spill and to keep sanitized.

Electricity was already there but we updated the electricity.
There are many things this needed to run such as the water heater, yes that right a 80 gallon water heater.
Comfort Zone 10,000 W Deluxe Utility Ceiling Mount Heater w/remote.
It can heat up to 2,500 sq feet and has a digital thermostat
A/C unit that also has a digital thermostat
Commercial size exhaust fan for proper ventilation
All electrical plug ins and light switches are set above 4 ft.
Even our google mini has a home, the dogs and I can be listening to music.

Those that know me know that I love light and thank god for LED’s
Light it up, we have many ceiling lights for the times I can’t sleep and want to groom at night.
Each kennel area has a light directly above it, plus over the tub, and other areas.
Out front of the garage we have two flood lights with motion sensors
Out back we have solar ones with motion sensors.
In addition to the lights on the on garage our wrap around porch gives off light too.

In addition to all the work going on in the inside you will find exterior doors and windows.
However, we will not be adding vinyl siding until a later date as that is a whole other project.

We installed 4 indoor and outdoor kennels.
Each area is 6 x 5 on the inside and 5 x 10 each on the outside
The dog doors are oversized with a double door system to insure to keep cold/hot weather where it belongs outside.
The outside have Belhen Country wired panels which are amazing!
In the inside kennel area there is a drain that runs the whole length.
The outside also has a drain for easy clean up.
In July 2021 we poured the indoor and outdoor runs.

Our flooring inside and out is made of concrete which has been sealed multiple times.
The grooming part will also have layers of epoxy.

We are currently adding the finishing touches in the summer/fall of 2021
We hope to show you all the progress once completed.
I am sure once I get the photos and dimensions of things and links for products used more will be added to this page.