None of these pictured below are for sale.
I have spent 20 years perfecting the Merle Cocker Spaniel

(You do not have permission to use any of my photos for any reason)
Yes, Merles are registered through AKC

We plan at least 1 litter per year of Merle Cockers

Trublue's M'Ily Of Wyndsong- Emily

This is Trublue’s Mily of Wyndsong aka Emily


New updated photo of Emily in June 2017 age 13
06/17/2004 to 06/30/2017
On June 28th, 2017 I got to spend some time with Emily
I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to get to see Emily again.
Never did I think it was going to be my last time.
My heart breaks for her owners and for Emily as I just loved her to pieces.
I couldn’t have asked for better owners and what a retirement life she lead.
RIP my sweet Em.

My love for Merles has started years ago when I had a long conversation
with Karen Hitchens (Merle breeder) and Polly Swanson (well known Roan breeder).
I learned the difference between Roan and Merle.
I purchased my first Merle male his name was Outlaw he was a blue merle and tan male
parti, he himself did not have blue eyes but produced it.
3/4 of his litter when bred to ANY color produced merles with blue eyes.
His mom was a double merle named Mily.

The reason that I got Outlaw was because I loved the dynamic blue eyes
that most merles have and it was not that I wanted to start to breed merle cockers.

I have been breeding Merles for 20+ years now.
I think I got them figured out.  LOL
I have tried to better the merles by breeding to Champions and then back to Champion again.
I know that I have made a HUGE impact of Merle Cocker Spaniels
many know who I am and that I have had a huge impact on Merle Cocker Spaniels.
Many merle cockers come from my lines
if you see Aj’s in the pedigree behind a Merle Cocker it came from me.
Many breeders that breed merles have my dogs behind them.
Some of my Merles that I have produced have looked like show dogs.
I am in favor of Merle Cocker Spaniels both Solids and Parti color Merles
and make no attempt to hide the fact that I love Merle Cockers.
I am educated about the gene in our breed, both first hand and scientific.
I try to educate both the general public and also other breeders.
Anti Merle breeders will tell you that there are health risks involved which is correct if
you are doing merle to merle but now day in age many breeders no not to do merle to merle.
Usually when breeding Merle to Merle you can have deaf and blind puppies.
When breeding Merle to a non merle that is not normally an issue.
In any breeding of two standard color cockers you can have health issues.
I know without a shadow of a doubt that Merle cockers can pass health testing
such as PRA, CERF’s and OFA’s and my merle girls have passed health testing.

I had previously owned a Champion blue roan and tan male named
Shazam aka Ch. CVJ N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love.
I state this to let you know that yes, I know the difference between merle and roan.

I had sold Outlaw to a breeder in Canada
who has taken his lines and went on with them.


Crosswind’s Alabama Hobo x Keisue’s New Millenium Blu
Photo of the coloring of Outlaws back
Outlaw passed his CERF in 2005 prior to selling him.

How we got started breeding Merles?

The photo above is of the coloring of Outlaws back- this clearly shows
what a blue merle cocker spaniel looks like when shaved down.

In simple non technical terms how to describe the merle coat pattern.
It is like having a pair of black jeans where you spill bleach.
Where the speckles of bleach are visibly parent and it washes out the color randomly.
It creates a mottled marbled, unique pattern in each individual dog.
Some may have tan points where the tan is suppose to be but that can be effected
as well and look lighter in color.
The gene sometimes affects the eye color but not always.
It can make a brown eye sky blue or just leave blue flecks.
Though the merle gene effects the color of the eye, those with blue eyes still can pass CERF’s.

How do you get Merle?
You must have one of the parents being Merle to produce Merle and one non Merle.
I like Blue Merle Parti’s so I bred a blue Merle parti with tan points to a parti color.
If I want blue merle solids I breed a Blue Merle parti to a solid color.
Chocolate Merles are a little harder but you must have chocolate on both sides of the pedigree.
Absolutely should not breed merle to merle unless you know what you are doing.
I personally do not recommend breeding Merle to Roan.
I have done that once in the past and they were not pretty at all.
I personally do like the Sable Merle as they are very unique.
Still not my first choice when breeding Merles.
When breeding Merle no matter what
put the word “MERLE” in the registered name.
It makes it much easier to say, “Ok, that is indeed a merle”.
I also like to see that done when you have a litter of puppies not only on the
merle puppies but non merle puppies.
Trying to make it easier on the next generation.

Karen and Lonnie Hitchens

My friend Karen Hitchens who got me started in Merles,
I can’t thank her enough!

Later, I was given a merle girl named Emily from my friend Karen H.
She had bought her from Karen P. and didn’t have a boy to breed
her to and I had plenty so she gave her to me with wanting a puppy back.
Emily was bred by Debbie K.

The puppy that Karen Hitchens got was named Chilly aka Aj’s N Keisue’s Frostymerl
In Nov 2011 he was tested for patella’s and he cleared.

Chilly went to Karen when he was 8 weeks old till 02/14/2009
Karen sent Chilly home to me because she had enough of the public
and the discrimination of non merle breeders that she decided to sell out of Cockers all together.


Chilly as a 8 week old puppy aka Aj N Keisue’s Frostymerl
He is a Blue Merle and Tan Parti
Out of Homespun’s Vino Benito x Emily.
Vino’s sire/dam Ch. Tri-Pod’s Moment of Truth x Ch. Homespun’s Karma
Vino has produced multiple champions- Ch. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained – Tru is one of them.
See Gallery – Once Upon A Time
Photo above of Chilly prior to him leaving to go to Karen Hitchens.

Chilly was very much an escape artist and to prevent a mishap of
a merle to merle breeding and being bred to his mom,
he was bred a couple times and placed.
He then was placed in a home in October 2009.
Although he was here a very short period of time,
what he produced here was nothing short than outstanding.

After Chilly was sold, Emily was our only adult merle.
Emily turned 6 years old so we retired her March 2010.
She lived a very spoiled life with her owners Mike and Jan G
where she lived with her son and grandson until she passed away at age
13 years old in 2017.
Prior to Emily leaving she has produced exquisite puppies.
Some are on this page below.

Emily x lee litter

Emily (Blue Merle and Tan Parti) x Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition (Tri)
Showing what blue merle puppies look like just after they were born.

Chocolate MerleShowing what a solid Chocolate Merle puppies look like after they are born.
(Chocolate Sable Solid)x (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)

Two Chocolate Merle Cocker puppies and a Blue Merle Parti Cocker puppy in this litter.

Merle Eyes

Blue Merle eyeUp close photo of a Merle eye- Partial blue eye
Ginger This is the same dog at a farther distance
Merle both blue eyes.
Sable Merle girl – One brown eye, one blue eye
Ginger - Buff Merle with Blue eyes One blue and one partial
Puppy growing up
Merle no blue eyesAs you can see this is a chocolate merle
You can see her one blue eye and one partial blue eye

Bella a Chocolate Merle parti girl with both blue eyes.

This is Gracie she is a Red/white female that has both blue eyes.
She is out of Kali and Zander in 2018

Merle cockers can or can not have blue eyes, not all Merle has blue eyes.
Brown Merle either in the solid form or parti form may or may not have blue eyes.
If the dog was a not a merle, most brown dogs have green or brown eyes.
I have found that many brown merles have a less likelihood of having blue eyes.

Quality MERLE Cocker Spaniels
There is a whole world of difference from my Merles than others that might have Merle Cocker Spaniels.
Just for starters I have been doing this for years.
I have tried to get mine as close to breed standard as possible.
Although most do go to pet homes for the most part those pet homes still want
that ideal Cocker Spaniel that they see on t.v.
The problem with that they usually end up getting buyer’s remorse
because their puppy didn’t turn out so nice as they thought.
They got that good deal, but not so much.
Not every dog needs to have Champion lines and have Champion titles but because
Merle has been unliked in our breed there are more pet like Merles out there.
And who can resist a cute Merle Cocker puppy?
That was one reason I tried many years ago to start breeding them better.
It has been difficult and I have taken a lot of slack for trying to get them as close to breed standard as possible.
I can only count a few breeders that have done as much for the Merle Cocker Spaniel as I have.

My Quote-  “They told me I couldn’t, so I did”.

The reason I love this quote so much is because I felt like an outcast when I started
breeding Merles and there wasn’t many that were of quality and because there wasn’t
I took on that challenged and created merles that were equal to those of quality therefore
the term, so I did.

Merles being sold for more money:
I’ve heard this argument for as long as I have been in Cockers.
Most breeders change the price of their Cocker Spaniel puppies for all kinds of reasons.
One reason the price can change is the sex of the puppy.
Others change it depending on the color of the puppy.
Many show breeders change the price on the possibility of the puppy being show quality.
This usually comes with a higher price tag, co ownership and a lengthy contract.
Some breeders change the price if the buyer wants Limited or Full Registration.
Why not charge more for a Merle Cocker Spaniel after all mine are quality in my eyes.
Just like with any other pattern or color that is bred either Ch. Sired or with a nice champion pedigree
you are going to pay a price for it, why should it be any different for a Merle Cocker.
I have tons of knowledge, first-hand experience, and visual proof of what type of Merle I have produced.
Do I think it is greed?  No, everything thing has a price.   Do I think it is fair?  Yes.

Right now the going average price for a decent cocker puppy can range from $1200-$3000
depending on breeder and as of today’s date 03/27/2018
I just quickly went to see what was on just to see who has what out there available
and within seconds I found this puppy.
I am not naming the breeder of this puppy as it is not fair to the breeder
but here you can clearly see this puppy is a black/white (standard parti color) Cocker Spaniel
Not Champion sired but out of Champion lines.
Asking price is $2200.00 and in the ad it states prices start at $1800.00
So asking $2000 for my male puppies no matter what color including Merle
and asking $2500 for my female puppies no matter what color including Merle is not that far out there from what other breeders are asking for Non Merle puppies.
Just saying!!

Aj's Merel Gallamore Gurl

Aj’s Merel Gallamore Gurl
This girl is out of Emily (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)x Homespun’s Vino Benito (Tri)

In 2008 Aj’s N’ Mully’s Merled In Sable aka Shania was born out of
Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition (Tri) x Trublue’s M’ily of Wyndsong(Blue Merle and Tan Parti)
A friend was interested in her and didn’t have the full payment so we did
so much cash plus a female puppy back.
Since I was getting a puppy back she needed to be bred to a Champion of mine to produce quality merle babies.
In 2010 Shania (Blue Merle Parti) was bred to Am/Can Ch. Harmony’s Phantom Of The Opera (Tri)
who has produced multiple champion kids both in the USA and Canada.
For the pick puppy back I got Paisley aka Aj’s The Sound Of Music Merle
who was sold to the Mann Family in New York who is a spoiled pet.
For using my Champion male I picked Aj’s Kyss My Merle Ash aka Bentley (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)
Looking only at structure Bentley was the better of the two.
Bentley’s is found below .
He was going to be the future to quality merles both here and the United Kingdom
as Bentley went to Jane A. in 2012 after going through a nasty divorce.
Aj’s N’ Mully’s Merled In Sable (Blue Merle and Tan Parti) was rehomed in 2011
Also at the bottom of the page you can see our new addition to the merle clan.

Bentley (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)
Aj’s Kyss My Merle Ash
Can/Am. Ch. Harmony’s Phantom Of The Opera (tri) x Aj’s N’ Mully’s Merled In Sable
Bentley had his Patella’s tested on 05/13/2011
He passed as he is NORMAL to see test please inquire.


Bentley’s sister Paisley a (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)

Before Emily had left in 2010 she had her last and final litter.
She was bred to Can. Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton
who was a sable solid male that my father owned prior to passing away.
This breeding resulted in only 1 merle puppy which I kept
We named her Kali aka Aj’s Bad Ash Merle (Sable Merle)
Later in 2012 she was placed with a previous pet owner and now lives
a pampered life with her sister.
Kali had one litter of puppies with Aj’s Dragon Slayer in 2011
Desertwinds owns a sable merle boy out of the litter.


Kali (Sable Merle Parti)
Can. Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash (Sable Solid)(OFA Excellent, PRA Clear, Cerf @ 6 yrs)
x Trublue’s M’ily of Wyndsong (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)
She has one brown eye and one blue eye.
Click Kali’s photo to go to her Youtube Video

On 11/1/2011 Kali was examined for Patella’s and she had a normal test.
Request information to see her patella’s
Cocker’s rank in general #3 for patella issues but I tested mine and passed!

When I got a Merle puppy I didn’t even know if I wanted to breed Merles.
It was an option that Karen gave with Outlaw.
I was scared because I didn’t want to goof up and I didn’t want deaf and blind puppies.
Which can happen if you do not know what you are doing or have not researched the pedigree.
I am constantly harassed by show breeders and breeders in general with both verbal and emotional abuse
because I own and breed merles and charge the prices I do.

The Great Winston Churchill said
“You have enemies?   Good.
That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

I was turned down by many show breeders from quality cockers because of it.
But complained about because at that time I didn’t have quality, catch 22 there.
When I finally decided to continue to breed merles and I noticed they didn’t have
a so great pedigree as far as Champions are concerned and some if not most were pet in quality.

They looked more like and English Cocker with long bone structure in the face.

To me that was not pretty to the eye.
And the coats on them were still back to the 50’s-60’s look with a fine texture coat.
Not the plush, thick, down to the ground abundance of coat we have now.
Which the abundance of coat is not correct either but accepted in the show world.
No matter what the other breeders said about me I loved the merles and wanted the best ones
that I myself knew I could produce and I noticed that many were not into improving
merles so I would try my hand at it someone has to be a leader.
I also figured the merles in Cockers were here to stay and why not improve on them
just like we do in any other variety and coat pattern.
To help the Merles and Non Merles that I owned I produced my own Champions.
I hired professional handlers and I finished 21 Champion and I even bought a few Champions!
With these dogs that I added.
I believe I have produced some of the best merle cockers out there, most champion sired
or out of champion pedigrees.
Many breeders who want to produce merles have dogs that are out of my dogs.
That is why it has been easy for others to spot my merles both by breeders and pet owners.
You can usually spot a merle that was bred by me.
I like my merles to be very open marked and have blue eyes but not always a deal breaker.
I have always liked the parti merle over the solid merle but have bred both.
They should look as close to what a cocker should look like, including having a nice head.
I have came a long way since Outlaw.

Emily has produced awesome puppies.
Photos of her kids, her grandkids and now great grandkids are just arriving.
You can see them below.

I have tried to better the merle by breeding to champions and then back to champions again.
Some of my merles that I have produced have looked like show dogs.
I once stacked a Merle and took pictures and sent them to well known breeders on a Show group on Facebook.
With them coming back and telling this dog should finish easily.
Then I had to laugh and tell them this dog has blue eyes!
This did not sit easy with some show people.
Some show people do not like the word Merle and dismiss the coat pattern all together.
Some are so judge mental about the Merle you’d think if they would touch one they would
get some type of disease almost to the point of how white people looked at
black people during the age of slavery.

I have bred the Merles to top breeders champions.
I have introduced B-Mac’s in my line who once
was the given the title of “Breeder of the Year” and
a member of “The American Spaniel Club”.
She herself was found to have a Merle cocker!!!!

Another current litter was out a champion black/white
Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie – Spunky (Full Health Tested)
See Spunky on the Gallery under Once Upon A Time
Her father is Multi BISS Ch. B-Mac’s N Lil People Ragin Cagin
who was a Westminster Variety Winner in 2009
I like Merles to look as close to standard but with the Merle gene.
Breeding them to top dogs has allowed my Merles to have the edge
and pedigree that regular parti breeders wish to have in their lines.

To set the record straight of me breeding dogs to merles after being asked not to.
First off, most of the dogs with nice pedigree’s or champions I produced or bought
and the owners already knew I had Merles as I have never hid that fact.
If they had an issue with it they wouldn’t of sold me the dog in the first place.
My theory is that when that breeder is confronted with the situation they
deny the fact because they don’t want to look bad in front of their peers.
As many know the saying, “Money talks bullshit walks”.
When you give someone money they jump on it so in some cases I don’t even think some of them
cared where the dog ended up as long as they got the money in hand.
But I did take in consideration of one breeder who asked me not to breed one female
to a merle and I upheld my promise as I never bred her to a Merle.
Lynn Grisez from Keystone Cockers is the one and ONLY breeder who has asked me not to breed
the dog that I purchased to a merle.
This is Breezy the dog I talk about above.

Castle N Aj's Familur Wind- BreezyCastle’s N Aj’s Familiar Wind- Breezy


Rocket who’s grandfather is Multi BISS Ch. B-Mac’s N Lil People Ragin Cagin
now known as Valliant – (Blue Merle Parti)
Aj’s Sir Valliant was born right here and lived with me until he was 6 months of age
He now lives on the West Coast and is currently still being used for breeding and stud between friends.
Aj’s Sir Valliant also produced a daughter named
Elizabeth’s Sweet Golden Rose JH (Junior Hunt Title)
You will get to see Valliant’s daughter Kali on my website as she is out up coming merle girl.
Aj's Sir ValliantAj’s Sir Valliant (Blue Merle Parti)

Aj's Sir Valliant Nice face shot.

I currently own Valliant’s daughter Kali who is a Chocolate Merle and tan parti in 2016

Meet Kali (Chocolate Merle and Tan Parti)


Blast who is Rocket’s (Valliant’s) brother!
Blast is a (Blue Merle Parti)
Both Rocket and Blast are out of Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie (Blk/white)
Blast resides in a pet home in Iowa.


I have placed many merle pups that are Champion Sired
into breeder homes to help with getting quality blue
Merle Cocker Spaniels out there!
Many people intend to breed Merles who have been looking
for a nice blue Merle have found their way to my website
and fall in love with my Merle cockers.
I believe this is all due to the fact that I am educated on what I like
I have a goal in mind and when I set my mind to producing some of the best.
I do just that!

I have also been told that some show breeders
have Merles as well but they keep them behind close doors.
Some breed them and sell them as pets with no papers in local newspapers.
Others just have them for their uniqueness.

It was also told to me that a well known professional handler (PR) from Conn.
was very interested in purchasing a Merle a long time back from
another breeder and stated to them this dog could finish.
It was actually a littermate to Emily.

But because the show breeder who like them and handlers who like them
do not want to crap from their peers because the show world is very political
they deny it and act like it never happened.
Yet, without some of theses handlers knowledge in 2010 they
competed against a puppy who had four lines of Merle behind him, he was not Merle.
This puppy won his class 3 days in a row!

While at a show in Lincoln, Ne I asked (Jeff W) a well known Cocker handler from Kansas if he
wanted to go over Bentley and he declined.
I even had someone go as far as coming up to a friend of mine who was handling
a solid girl of mine who was only 1 major from a Championship in Idaho.
June 2011 they had the nerve to ask her if she was breeding merle just because she was showing my dogs.
This was from another well known handler.
This kind of abuse should not be tolerated and things like this should be reported.
No wonder why people do not want to show dogs or be part of clubs.

I have always loved Merles and when I started showing I thought
that I had to either choose breeding Merles or showing
I have found that untrue.
I have done both, I have finished multiple champions and also have produced merles.
I should not have to be offended by other breeders/handlers.
I should not have to make others happy by not breeding Merles at
the expense of my own happiness.
Because I breed Merles does not make me any less of a
breeder or person than anyone else.

Still to this day no matter if Merles have been bred to champions
or champion pedigree’s the stigma of breeding them lingers.
They backstab, talk bad about and continue to gossip about
people who breed merles and say those that breed Merles are making the breed worse.
Which I totally disagree with.
Even though I have produced multiple champions, shown others dogs to championships
I have been completely black balled by some and respected by others.
I was kicked out of the ACN (American Cocker Network) a online website because I don’t breed up to standard, the owners standard is not breeding merles and this is not supported by the person that operates the website.

Do not confuse this from the ASC – American Spaniel Club
as I have never tried to be a member of the ASC even though I have a handful of
sponsors including top show breeders and AKC breeder judges that would sponsor me.
I have personal reasons for not wanting to join their club.
Starting with one of their own staff steeling THOUSANDS of dollars from ASC.
Change needs to happen!
I have friends that have breed Merles, co owned Merles, own Merles that are current members.
Many ASC members are on a witch hunt with people who breed Merles.
It has become so evil almost like a white person bashing black people.

In 2015 I moved to Phoenix, AZ and Stacy from Lakota Cockers even went out of her
way because she found that I lived in Arizona now and contacted some Cocker Spaniel clubs
so they wouldn’t allow me to join because I have merles.
Never mind the fact that I have a tri color show prospect and one male with 8pts
that I planned on showing or that I have volunteered countless hours to my local breed club prior.
That is how wrong it has become.

The end of 2016 I attended a dog show south of Phoenix in Chandler, Arizona at the Fiesta Dog Show
not to watch the Cockers show but to watch the Great Danes show
as I own a Great Dane show puppy that is out of two top 20 Great Danes in the country.
This was the first time I have ever taken my Mom to a dog show.
After watching the Danes show, we found what ring the Cockers were going to show.
Went through the catalog and found only one parti was showing and that was just heart sinking that only one parti color,2 buff’s and a couple of blacks.
We were ready to leave and on our way to our vehicle we spotted 3 black cockers and they all
appeared very young maybe in the 6-9 class.
My Mom and I approached the husband and wife as they let their dogs out of the crate.
We watched them potty them right there, right on the concrete and not in the designated areas.
So, you know it was no where near the ring or ring time for that matter.
They were cute, didn’t care for the heads as I am head hunter and only one of them stood out to me
out of the three of them.
As I was standing there with my Mom I told them my name and the husband in the chair proceeds to talk to me.
I tell him about my tri color boy about showing him and the lady is walking one of the black cocker girls who shits right there, right in the walk way of hundreds of people.. YUCK
I ask about the Cocker Spaniel club and he tells me about it and then his wife comes back and says
“You can’t join our club, your reputation of breeding Merles which are not allowed, you not able to join.”
Many more words kept coming from her mouth and I just stood there dumb founded.
How mean this lady could be as she kept be belittling me.. Right in front of my Mom.
I felt like shit, I felt pissed, you can’t imagine how this feeling felt.
What a bitch, right. I didn’t say a word.
I personally just wanted to break down and cry as I didn’t deserve this type of treatment
and my Mom didn’t need to witness that.
I thanked him for their time and told them the pups looked nice and walked away.
This situation could of gotten ugly but I didn’t allow my mouth to word vomit.
It is not sportsmanship like at all.
This club is an AKC registered club and it can’t turn down a person for owning a dog
that is AKC registered just because it is not showable.
Bad on the Club which I can turn into AKC.
I figured out the name of this person although I don’t think it is right to bash her public
(I’m better than she) I am just going to call her Caroline B.
I found out that is person is friends with Stacy and that Stacy and her had bred dogs as
she some of her bloodlines that are based off of a buff that I use to own who had and produced health issues.
Those puppies after looking at the pedigree has that same dog that I use to own behind them.
It is really sad how people will treat one another based on other peoples opinions and about the merle cocker.

My goal was to one day have merles accepted correctly by ASC so we can at least register
them correctly without confusion of them being Roans or any other coat type not by color!
Do I want merles to show, yes.. I believe the ones that I have produced are quality.
Just like the sable people want the sables to show.
Will it probably happen in my life time, No!
Am I going to push for merles to show, No!
I just want them registered correctly and without it being a Z list.
As the Z list will add yet another stigma to them.
Plus, it would add every dog behind it for generations to the list
which I believe is not even correct.
And for those who do not think their lines will get Z listed have
another thing coming cause all it takes is one merle bred to a non merle/champion
to put Z in the pedigree that you so may have loved.

AKC & ASC Register Merles:
That’s right, Merles can be registered correctly through AKC.
It will take time but Roans will be registered as Roans and Merles as Merles.
In Oct 2010 ASC decided that merles should be registered with AKC and it was voted on again
by ASC members in 2011 which it did pass.
Although it is a leap for Merles it is incorrect.
The Z list will not help our breed at all and black ball and piss off more people than imaginable.
Breeders who are educated and know they are breeding merle already have a way to say
this dog is a Merle as many breeders require that the word Merle be added
to the AKC registration papers of the said puppy/dog.
This is so generations can track that dog back to Merle.
Why register with a Z list as many breeders of Merle already do this and have done this for years prior.
ASC members are not on the right path for Merles as far as registration.
Merles are a coat type, they keep getting this wrong.
The coat type is Merle and the color is tri or blk/white
brown, brown and tan, black solid, brown solid etc.
That is the ONLY thing that makes sense.
A couple ASC members have taken it even further
and think they are going to make fliers about merles and start passing
them out to the public and do some education.
Reminder this is in their own words and in their opinion because they do not like Merles.
It is very likely that many actions from ASC members might result in a
class action law suit and I believe this is only going to get worse.
Not only have they messed up on Merles they have also messed
up the same with Sables and Roans as they are coat types not colors
because there are all kinds of variations of them as well.
There are no way to register sables and some roan colors correct.
Again, this all stems from ASC telling AKC what is correct.
One can only hope that we get some educated people
that know genetics, coat type and colors on that panel.
I feel that it is just a waiting game of waiting till the old members pass
so people that are willing to except change can be in control.
Until this happens our breed is out of control.

Showing Merles
As explained above we can’t show Merles through AKC but there are other
registries that will allow Merles to be shown.
They can also compete through others means such as agility, become trick dogs, obedience training,
delta society, service dogs, CGC and many other events.


I’m Proud to be an American
Bentley at an AKC show Oct 2010
What is funny is two days later ASC accepts Merle!

I think education is also key about merles and so when I go to
dog shows my main objective will be to constantly have a merle in tow.
I plan to allow those who would like to touch/go over a
Champion Sired merle to be able to do so.
Thus, way they can make up their own mine and actually
have their own opportunity to decided based on what they see
not what they hear about.

Usually, it is as simple as looking at a pedigree to tell if you cocker has come from a roan or merle.
There are key dogs in the merle pedigree that say hey, “I’m A Merle”.
See back in the 60-80’s and if not 90’s
cocker breeders didn’t really know what merle was or if they did they didn’t have
a way just like today to register them correctly.
They also didn’t have internet to see what other breeders where breeding
and how to describe the dog other than it looked BLUE.
When I see a pedigree that maybe 4-5 generations back and says the word,
“BLUE” or BLU” it makes me have red flags.
Asking myself is this dog a Merle or a Roan.
Then if I see the word “LAKE” it is like waving a HUGE red flag.
Lake is another key word in most merle pedigree’s as it is documented
that most merles go back to one single dog named Rusty Butch
his ancestor is Prince Alex Of Iron Lakes.
If I see that it tells me I am a MERLE!
My rule is no matter what, if you know you have a merle no questions asked
Put the word “MERLE” in the registered name.
It makes it much easier to say, “Ok, that is indeed a merle”.
I also like to see that done when you have a litter of puppies not only on the
merle puppies but non merle puppies.
Trying to make it easier on the next generation.
A great website to look at merle pedigree’s and to be able to see these
keywords and dogs and identify some of the name is a website called
Merle Cockers
click the link above to go directly to the site.

Since we are talking about pedigree’s.
I believe there is no merle breeder that has worked harder than I
to breed merles back and then back again to champions.
The puppies I produce turn into stunning Cockers.
Seems like all cocker puppies have cute cocker faces but my merles
turn out stunning both as puppies and adults.
They have exceptional pedigree’s on both sides of the pedigree not just one.
They have countless champions behind them.
I can supply you a pedigree because I know what is behind mine.
The merles that I have produced I have owned the moms, dad, and grandparents
in most cases.
I do not just breed them to pet quality with nothing behind the pedigree.
I have been bettering the merles as long as I can remember.
I have placed them in other breeder homes so the merles can become better.
My love for blue merle cocker spaniels will always be and I will always promote them!
If you see the name Aj’s in the registered name most likely somewhere down the line
they came from me.

With this page I hope this has helped someone who may have wondered if they
have a roan or merle.
Also it has allowed me to showcase some beautiful cockers and what they can
look like no matter merle or not.
I also suggest that you check out my Roan page on my site under the tab called Education.


Prissy is a blue merle and tan female
Outlaw (Blue Merle and Tan Parti) x Scrunchy (Tri)


This is Quest he is out of
Kami (choc/white)female and Chilly (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)
He is very close in markings as Sky at the bottom of the page.

Adam grown up

Joey who used to be called Adam as a puppy
He is out of Chilly.
He is pictured here at 2 yrs old.
I am very lucky that I get to visit this boy, he has such a great personality.
He so reminds me of his grandpa Vino.
This photo makes this boy look big but being so close up taking photo is the reason.


Frostymerles Blue Eyed Girl aka Piper
Piper is a (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)out of Chilly.
Chilly is out of Homespuns’ Vino Benito x Emily
Vino’s sire/dam Ch. Tri-Pod’s Moment of Truth x Ch. Homespun’s Karma
Here she is showing off her new hair cut!
She is a very pretty female with one blue eye.
She is currently owned by Shannon P.


Piper was bred to Phantom aka Cresentmoon’s Fanpasma (Tri)
Phantom is out of Ch. Cresentmoon’s Show Stopper x Ch. Cresentmoon’s Black Onyx

Below is a photo of one of the puppies named Uno who is a blue merle boy.
Breeder/Owner Shannon P.


Uno- Sd’s I Betting I am A Merle out of Piper (See Above) x Phantom
Phantom is out of Ch. Cresentmoon’s Show Stopper x Ch. Cresentmoon’s Black Onyx
This would be a Chilly grandson and Emily great grand son
Breeder/owner Shannon P.


Uno a blue merle boy out of Piper x Phantom breeder/owner Shannon P


Chilly as a 8 week old puppy aka Aj N Keisue’s Frostymerl
Out of Homespun’s Vino Benito x Emily.
Vino’s sire/dam Ch. Tri-Pod’s Moment of Truth x Ch. Homespun’s Karma
prior to him leaving to go to Karen Hitchens.

ChilixEbby puppy

This boy is named “Proof”  a blue merle solid with both blue eyes.
He is out of Chilly and mom is Ebony is out
Ch Homespun’s How Do Ya Like Me Now X Ch. Homespun’s Contessa

chilixebby pup

He was 5 weeks old in this photo.
So his stacking job was not great at all.
But this give you an idea of the markings and coat type on a solid merle.


Blake is blue merle and tan male
Aj’s N’ Angelfaces Little Boy Blue
He has a nice head with a correct ear set.
Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition x Emily



Adam is a blue merle and tan
Aj’s Chance is a neutered pet located nearby.
Here he is below as well playing with a tennis ball.
This photo below shows you his bright blue eye!


Adam is a blue merle and tan he is in a great pet home nearby.
Out of Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition x Emily

Both photos below are of Adam all grown up now called Chance by his new owners.
Yes, his pet home keeps him in this coat by choice he is so pretty.
I can’t thank his owners Mike and Jan enough for providing a wonderful home!



Indigo Splash

Kc aka Aj’s Superstition’s Indigo Splash is
a blue merle and tan male with bright tan points.
This puppy is stunning in my eyes!
Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition X Emily


These two pictures are of Cyan who lives
at Penunuri’s Cockers in Arizona
As you can see she has both blue eyes and a butterfly nose.
She is out Ch. Che-Lee’s Radio Flyer x Trublue’s M’ily Of Wyndsong

In 2008 she was bred to Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom aka Neville.
at this time I do not have permission to use the photo of one of the puppies
she has produced in this litter.
Named Penunuri’s Growin’ Dill Weed In The Garden aka Dillion owned by Moondrop Gardens
One of the male puppies did pass cerf in 2009
Prelimary OFA’s – EXCELLENT
Patella’s Normal.


Cyan was bred to Ch. PBJ’s Perfect Game in 2012
who produced very pretty merle babies

The pedigree’s on both merle litters produced by cyan were stunning!


This is Monster
He is a blue merle and tan with light tan points.
His name is Aj’s N Shandilyn’s Full Throtler Merle
Ch. Che-Lee’s Radio Flyer x Sky
He lives with Becky from Shandilyn Cocker




Below are three photos to show the coloring a little bit better when
they are standing up instead of just face shots.

ScreenHunter_34 Nov. 01 09.46

ScreenHunter_35 Nov. 01 09.46

ScreenHunter_36 Nov. 01 09.47

red/white girl

This girl is merle, although she is a red/white.
As you can see in her eye in the corner she has just a touch of baby blue.
No, this is not the camera messing up or a light issue.
Red/whites can be merles too!
Aj N Keisue’s Frostymerl x CVJ’s Sassafras
Red/white blue eye Here you can see that on the left her eye is partialy blue.
Very few red/white cockers are merles and rarely do you see them with blue eyes.

boogie's boy

Blue merle boy out of
Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie


Bentley who is Champion Sired
AM/CAN Ch. Harmony’s Phantom Of The Opera x Aj’s N Mully’s Merled N Sable
The dam herself if out of Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition aka Wizard on Males page of site.
Bentley was owned by Aj Kennels until 2012 when I sold him to Jane A
in the United Kingdom because I was going through a divorce and I so regret selling him.
He sired multiple litters and produced outstanding puppies.

Bentley in May 2011 another Blue merle and tan parti was taken to the vet
and has his Patella’s certified through OFA.
As we are #3 with patella issues in Cockers.
This shows merles don’t have all those issues people may think they do.


Wow, Bentley styling in some shade.
Bentley will start doing agility in 2011


Bentley at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln Nebraska
Home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.



bently stacking

Bentley as a puppy self stacking.


Kali a sable merle girl.



Camo a blue merle male~ photo taken 09/30/2011
Not only is his mom Ch. Brickett”s Woman On A Mission
Many of his grand parents are Champions
Ch. Harmony’s Phantom Of The Opera (multiple champion producer)
Ch. K-Line’s N Cutts Beyond-A-Doubt (multiple champion producer)
Ch. Brickett’s Woman Of The Night (multiple champion producer)
Camo c3


Camo a solid merle male
Aj’s Kyss My Merle Ash (Blue Merle and Tan Parti)x Ch. Brickett’s Woman On A Mission(Black)

Click the link to go to Youtube to watch a video of Camo’s litter


And his brother Sarge below


Merle BabiesCamo and his littermates


Gracie a sable merle girl out of Aj’s Dragon Slayer (Sable/White)(Player) x Aj’s Bad Ash Merle (Kali)
Many of her grandparents are Champions!


g2This is a sable merle

Sable Merle

Sable Merle

g3Sable Merle boy

Sable Merle BoysSable Merle pups a little older

Sable Merle Cocker Spaniel

Kali's Sable Merle BoyI so love this boy!

Sable MerleNice self stack

ScreenHunter_50 Nov. 01 09.51

The puppy above and below is out of
Aj’s Kyss My Merle Ash (Bentley) X Aj’s Pretty Is As Pretty Does (Pretty) AKC Ch. Pointed
Grandparents on both sides are Champions.
Ch. Harmony’s Phantom Of The Opera (multiple champion producer)
Ch. Che-Lee’s Radio Flyer
Ch. Che-Lee’s Superstition (Great Grandsire)

leftDrew being stacked at 8 weeks, he did a pretty good job.

RightDrew stacking at 8 weeks


DrewThis boy is such a sweet boy.


Introducing Aj’s Finding Merle aka Nemo.
Nemo has only a tad bit of blue speck in his right eye.
He is repeat breeding of Uno above and is out of Piper above.
He goes back to Homespun’s Vino Benito who
produced multiple champion kids and grandkids.
Vino was Champion sired/ Champion dam
and his littermates were champions.
Vino was a very great asset to our parti colors and
will be a great asset to merles.

Turtle This is Turtle she is a blue merle and tan girl
She is considered as a solid merle
She is out of Aj’s Finding Nemo x Ch. Brickett’s Woman on a Mission

Turtle Turtle stacked photo

TurtleTurtle sitting in the car

TurtleTurtle as a baby!



Introducing Willow.
Aj’s She’s A Crazy Merle Ash
Willow left eye is 1/2 blue.
Willow is the sister to Nemo and Uno above.
She is the daughter of Piper from above.
She has a wonderful champion pedigree and goes back to
many Cockers who I once owned and loved.
Willow is a wonderful pampered pet of ours.
In June 2017 I was asked to sell her and there just is not any
amount of money in the world that I would take to sell this girl.
I just love her.
Below you will see some of Willow’s kids and they turned out stunning.
Nemo x Willow Nemo x Willow’s litter

ScreenHunter_184 Oct. 26 20.25

Ginger is a buff with blue eyes!
She is out of Ch. Shadowcast Talk Is Cheap x Aj’s She’s A Crazy Merle Ash

ScreenHunter_180 Oct. 26 20.22

Ginger is the newest home grown merle girl who is Champion Sired
We so look forward to what she will produce!

ScreenHunter_181 Oct. 26 20.23


Here is Ginger 12/20/2017
Ginger had issues getting pregnant so we placed her in a wonderful pet home.
Here she is showing off her Christmas photo!

Blue Merle tan girl Gingers sister – Aj’s Isabella Rockin the walk

Merle Babies

Gingers siblings

Gingers sister
Blue merle and tan girl
Some photos of Izzy growing up.
Owned and loved by Jennifer C. in Ohio.
Out of Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom aka Neville

AllieAllie out of Aj’s What A Jack Ash aka Bo and Willow
CAN CH. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash x Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie


Allie's litterAllie’s litter mates

Allie Allie is growing up.

AllieHappy Halloween!!


Allie - Aj's Haulin' Ash

 Allie Christmas 2015Merry Christmas 2015

Allie stacking – She is a Chocolate Solid Merle

Merle BabiesWillow bred to Deuce litter January 2016

ScreenHunter_745 Feb. 13 14.12

ScreenHunter_746 Feb. 13 14.12Puppy love!

ScreenHunter_748 Feb. 13 14.13

ScreenHunter_749 Feb. 13 14.13
Puppy growing up


This boy is our of our last Merle litter he lives in a wonderful family in Tuscon, Az
Thank you for visiting our Merle Page!

This is Rylee is out of Willow x Bo in Spring 2017
Rylee is going to be living in Phoenix, AZ with a retired police officer.
She is a blue merle solid girl.

Rylee age 4 weeks

What a cute head shot of Rylee

Finn is out of Willow x Bo – Spring 2017
Finn is an amazing looking blue merle parti boy
He got his first hair cuts and photos!
My husband fell in love with him.
Finn being held by Nathan
Finn 2017 at age 4 weeks

Finn learning to walk on a leash.
Here Flynn was in Summer 2017

Finn passed his obedience training!
He will be 6 months old next week.
I seriously can’t thank his owners enough for sharing this news with me
as well as the photo that speaks a thousand words.
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for his owners to have this accomplishment as it is a labor of love.
I am so happy that Finn has a loving home!!
August 2017

This is Capi she is out of Willow x Bo
She will be living in a wonderful pet home in Georgia
She is a Chocolate Merle and tan female
She has one blue eye and one green eye

KaliMeet Kali
Kali is a Choc tri Merle parti girl
her sire is Aj’s Sir Valliant


Kali as a puppy

We look forward to the amazing puppies she will produce
in the years to come!

Meet Jazz she is a chocolate merle and tan solid out of Bo x Willow
She is in a wonderful pet home in Tucker, GA
Her owner Barb is now a new close friend of mine who I have felt like I have known all my life.
These photos were professionally taken in January 2018

I really love this photo more and more that I get to see it.
Yes, she is carrying a duck but that is what I so love about it.
No, the duck is not real it’s stuffed.
Cockers are born bird dogs and this just shows how they should look.

She looks so elegant in this photo.
I can’t Thank Barb who is Jazz’s owner for these photos.
Also a big Thank You to the photographer who has a great eye.

Blue Roan and Tan Parti Male out of Kali x Zander October 2018

and his sister

This is Thorn who is a Blue Merle tan parti girl out of Kali x Zander

This is Thorn a blue merle and tan parti girl out of Zander and Kali she will be staying with us.


This is Venom
Venom he is out Zander and Willow
He has a a wonderful Champion pedigree
He is a Blue Merle and Tan parti Male
He was born on Christmas Eve 2018 and we will be keeping him!!

Venom photos in June 2019
Venom is 6 months old in these photos.
He is staying here!!

Enjoy our Merle Cocker Video below.


In 2017 a sable book was published
It is called, A Beginner’s Guide to The Color Sable in American Cockers and other breeds
by Marlys Gallagher which you can purchase on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for approx $14.95
I by now get any proceeds for the purchase of this book.

In this book you will find multiple pages that have my cockers that I have produced and have owned.
You will find a stacked photo of Can Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton on page 35
You will also see a Sable Roan female girl I produced on page 23,34 and 35
And a Sable Merle girl that I produced named Kali on page 23