Our Dirty Little Secret

Our dirty little secret
We have four crates that are 27 wide x 30 heigh and 42 long.

Each crate was purchased brand new in 2021 so they are all matching in size.
We did buy a piece of oak and sanded it down, stained it and put on many coats of polyurethane.
Of course it is attched to the wall for security and is free standing.
I wanted the crates to look organized, look like a piece of furniture that was built in instead of having
a bunch of random crates laying around.

You find toys in their crates as they love bring them in their and they have their own toy box.

We have blankets in there that we swap out every 2 days and replace with new, so I do a lot of laundry!!

As you can see from the picture they also have a window in this area so they have proper ventalation.
What you don’t see behind the crates is a built in wall exhaust fan.
Some times, dogs do get a wet dog smell from being freshly groomed and air dried.
They can get a doggy odor when it’s raining outside and get that nasty wet dogs smell.
We can turn on this fan to remove the odor.

This is just off our living room and next to our 1/2 bathroom/laundry room.
This is the other side of the wall.