Our Buildings

Welcome to our kennels.
This is a sneak peek behind the scene look at our kennels.
Although we would love to say that our dogs live all their days in our home that is just not the case.
We, however, have normal lives and we try to alternate a couple of dogs in our home at a time giving each one of them one on one attention.
You still see dogs in our beds, on our couch, curled up with us out on the front porch and out with us on family gatherings.
There is always a dog near our feet here.
Just because we have a kennel does not mean our lives do not revolve around our dogs because they truly do.

Our puppies never ever are in the kennel, live outside or anywhere other than in our house and they are in our house until they leave for their new home.

We have two buildings that are the exact same located next to each other on our property.
Not everyone will allow you to see their kennel in person, but I thought I would share with you what ours looks like so you understand
that our dogs are well taken care of.

We bought them prebuilt but don’t let that fool you as we have put in thousands of hours into these buildings as they were pretty much just the shell.

Each building is 5ft x 10ft on inside and 10ft x 10ft on the outside and for a couple cockers per run that is more than ample amount of space for them.

This is what you will find when you first walk in.
You will see there is a tower heater to keep it nice and warm in the winter months, in the summer you will find a window a/c in there.

You will see the hanging 5 gallon water bucket, it is a gravity-fed water system.
Since the water is inside, the water stays at room temperature and it will never freeze or be too hot to drink.
Each run has automatic water.

The floor and walls R23 insulated, then a layer of sheetrock, then 4×8 sheets of Plas tex waterproof walls.
The ceilings are also waterproofed with heavy-duty plastic and then trimmed out with pvc molding.
There are two windows in the building, one on each side.

Each side has a built-up box that is level with the dog door.
In the box, we put a gutter and then screwed 1/2 inch OSB and then put 1/2 inch of solid plastic from Iowa Plastics.
We then drilled holes in the plastic where the gutter is.
If the dogs have accidents we can wash it down and out of the building.
The last one is showing you how it kinda will look when finished.
At the end, the dog door frames are also wrapped with 1/2 inch plastic.

Each building has its own electrical panel with two GFI plugins minimum of 4 ft off the ground.
One is for the heater and night light and the other is for the a/c unit in the summer and an alarm clock radio.
Each building has an interior light and vent fan.

You will find one interior light plus the night light on the inside.
Out front, you will find a porch light
Outback you will find two spotlights.
The buildings are very well lit at all times.

Each interior dog run is 5L x 3W x 4H
There are two inside areas per building.
You can get to the dogs from the top as the top lifts up.  You can also open the side door.
The front is made with a 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe with 1 inch coated welded wire.
Each inside run has auto water and auto feeder.
The top is plastic lattice cut out to go around the feeder and on a hinge so you can open it to get to the dogs.

This is the auto feeder that we made.
It is attached to the front gate system, see left photo above you can see it installed.
It was made from a 4inch PVC pipe.
We bought a cap for the top so no bugs can go in.
What you don’t see is we drilled a couple of holes at the bottom of it to let out the crumbles
There is also a cap at the end too.
It easily can become detached so we can wash it.

In the back

We also extended the deck out an additional 5ft making it 10 ft long, we then applied 3 layers of Thomson water sealant on top of the deck and wood poles so that no odor or feces could penetrate the wood.

We added a 2nd dog door to each building

We lined the deck with a very thick black plastic and then where the seems overlapped we laid down another plastic piece to hold it down.
Trying to make sure that the deck is waterproof and poo/pee resistant.

We 1st figured out where the tenderfoot flooring would lay and installed 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe to the deck giving the space for pee/poo to drop.
Then we installed the flooring by stainless steel fender washers and very long coated screws.

We found these buildings up in South Dakota and the only way they sell them is rent to own as that is how they get their money is on the interest made.
We personally didn’t want to spend the time to make them ourselves and it was becoming fall 2018 so we just bought them and revamped them to our liking.
It was a quicker and easier solution even though it still took thousands of man hours and they were worked on by our whole family.
We pay $320.00 per month and the total cost is $10,000 which seems high but they were complete when we bought them as the buildings are on skids and we can move them anywhere.  We just chose to add everything else to them and make them up to my standard.
When the state inspector and vet did their inspection they both were very pleased with the buildings and both put into notes how nice the buildings are and well kept the dogs are.
We also spent $5000 per building just in building materials and that is not even counting the labor that we put into each of them.


Our dogs are our family and you will find them not only out in the kennel but
in the house being loved on and getting one on one attention that they so deserve by every member of the family.