Once Upon A Time

 ScreenHunter_191 Oct. 27 11.31Ch. Superior’s Gift to Shadowcast – Harry

Harry FaceCh. Superior’s Gift to Shadowcast – Harry
Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom – Neville
Ch. Aj’s Lord Voldemort – Riddle
Aj’s Magical Diary CGC TD- Maggie (Champion Pointed)
Aj’s Know-It-All – Rainy

RiddleKeeperOur 1st Homebred Champion!
Ch. Aj’s Lord Voldemort- Riddle

ScreenHunter_200 Oct. 27 11.54

My beloved Neville
Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom

TRUKEEPFORSITECh. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained – Tru

I hope you enjoyed your stay looking through our photos!