Puppies growing

XrayWe don’t always get an X-Ray or Ultrasound on every litter.  If we feel that we are having concerns we may do so.   We may get them because she is getting too big, verifying if she did become pregnant or sometimes just a number count.   Then there are the not so pleasant times in case of an Emergency!
Usually, this can be done 45 days after the last breeding.
Ultrasounds we usually get around 18-20 days.
In some cases, you can have a blood test to confirm pregnant through a reproduction specialist.

The X-ray is one of Spice’s X-Ray’s which shows she had a false pregnancy.
When there are babies you will be able to count heads and spines but this still is not a true count until they are born as we have been really tricked on hidden puppies!

9 weeks after the date of mating the puppies arrive!


At this stage, we are up around the clock making sure each and every puppy is nursing like they are supposed to.
If they are not nursing like we think they should we
Sponge Feed (see a video on the Video page).
We also take other medical measures like giving them Subq fluids, antibiotics, Dextrose due to a low sugar level.
We even put our puppies 1st over holidays, birthdays and family functions.
We use heating pads, hot water bottles and mom’s heat to keep them warm as they can not retain their own body heat.  The first weeks are very crucial as this is the time we may lose a puppy.

I have found I lost far more boy puppies than girl puppies as the girls just seem stronger.  They are born without sight, their eyes remain closed until about 10-14 days of age and ears open in that time frame too.
Their tails get docked and dewclaws are to be removed the 1st week of life.



Zander and Sister

Once they are born and are getting the gist of nursing it seems like no time before they are wrestling, pouncing, growling and having fun with siblings.
Having fun with knotty toys, toys with squeakers and those toys they can chew on to work in their new teeth!

(Photo of Zander x Sarah)






Buff Babies

Starting at 2 weeks up until they leave we give them oatmeal baths
and their 1st haircut as it is VERY important that they get used to the sounds and noises of grooming.

They are also getting their photos taken usually on an every 2-week schedule depending on our prior obligations.

We have many colors and coat patterns to choose from.
Sable Solids, Chocolate Sables, Sable/white, Sable Seals, Sable Merle
Merle Parti and Merle Soilds, Blue Merle, Blue Merle and Tan, Chocolate Merle, including Merles with and without blue eyes.
Parti Colors, Black/White, Black/white and tan, Chocolate/White, Chocolate tri, Red/white
Solid Colors, Black, Chocolate, and Buff
Roans, Blue Roan, Blue Roan and tan, Chocolate Roan, Red Roan

Kissy 2015By the age of 5-6 weeks of age, they are starting to eat on their own, they are learning to wean from mom.
Mom is not allowing them to nurse as much as their teeth are in and they hurt.   The puppies are served puppy mush is what I call it, which is softened puppy food with milk multiple times a day.
It has become an endless amount of cleaning as puppies are constantly being cleaned up after for accidents, spills, food messes, baths, and haircuts.

You will find our whole family including our extended family constantly holding puppies.
The kids are always with a puppy in their hands.
We have many family members per week that come and visit us.
My mom, my mother in law, my son and his girlfriend and Kenny’s sister and her family.
No one can ever resist playing with, watching tv with a puppy or even sitting down to a family dinner with a puppy in hand.
Everyone loves puppies!
This is the best gift that they could give the puppies as they are learning social skills and know what it feels like to be loved.

One evening I invited Jan over who is a retired police officer
to come and visit her new puppy that she was planning on getting later the following week
that way she could visit her puppy while her other dog was at home recovering from cancer removal surgery.



Here is an 8-week old puppy getting a Health Certificate so she can be shipped to a friend of mine.
She weighed in at 4.6 pounds and got a clean bill of health.

Saying goodbye is not always easy.

After our puppies go to their new homes they learn to accomplish so much.
Their story doesn’t end when they leave us it is just beginning and we are just so proud to share it with their owner!
Our puppies have accomplished so many things.





It has been a true labor of love but so worth it!