Roan American Cocker Spaniels
Showcasing Blue Roan, Blue Roan and Tan and Red Roan

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Ch. CVJ's N Aj's Can't Buy Me LoveThis is Shazam
Ch. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love
Shazam is a Blue Roan and Tan American Cocker Spaniel
Nickname – Sam I Am
Below are his parents.

In 2012 I placed Shazam which was the biggest mistake that I could of made.
I was going through a nasty divorce and had to let most of my dogs go.
I placed him with Alice from Wunderland Cockers with a 1st right of refusal in a signed contract.
Meaning if she ever sold him that I would get him back.
She went behind my back and sold him in less than a month time.
I would of bought him back in a minute.
Per an online conversation on 12/21/2017 she stated to someone that
“I e-mailed her and got no e-mail back so yes I placed him.”
I will tell you what, if this person would of told me that she was going to sell him I would of bought him
back in a heart beat and I state this to you because I have missed him from the minute he left me.
I wouldn’t of thought twice to give her back her money, heck Christy Davenport didn’t even pay Alice what she bought
him for so there is no reason why should wouldn’t of sold him to me.
Alice sold him to Christy Davenport
I contacted her about getting him back and at one point she told me I could but
she wanted to get one more litter out of him in the Spring.
She changed her mind and that set his fate.
Shazam later passed away from whatever unknown reasons.
I have beat myself up for allowing Alice to have him as she is notorious for flipping dogs when done with them.
It was my job to protect them.
Shazam was a wonderful dog who would do no harm and no one was a stranger!
RIP Sam I Am – (tears ) I hope to see you again.

When I first got into Cockers I talked to Polly Swanson a well known Roan Breeder.
She was one of the few breeders that knew information about Roans and their coat type.
I started out with a blue roan and tan male from Oakridge.
One of my first roans was named Mowgli
from the Disney movie the Jungle Book.Diego Here is Diego who is a past roan puppy.
Who his owner has told me has been of the healthiest cockers they ever owned!!!

Later, Mowgli was placed in a new home.
Years have went by without any passion or interest in the roans.
Then I saw a blue roan and tan male that I just fell in love with.
He was either to go to me or Rhonda G. but something fell through
with Rhonda and can’t remember the reason, but I ended up getting him.
We named the puppy Shazam aka Sam I Am.
Who later went on and became our fourth Champion in 08.Shazam Shazam went to stay with V & A and he became a Champion in record time.
Shazam went to the American Spaniel Club in 2008 and was
approached by Bill and Lloyd and Polly Swanson
many others who gave Shazam fantastic compliments.

Shazam was then bred to Rainy and produced outstanding puppies.
Below are some of Shazam’s puppies.Blue roan and tan coat

This is a picture taken of Shazam laying down, showing you his coat.
This picture is a close up photo to show you the roan.

Roan under the neck

Piper blue roan and tan girl

Piper as a puppy out approx 8 weeks of age.
Husker red roan cocker spaniel

Husker is a Red Roan boy.
Shazam’s brother is a red roan Champion.

Piper is pictured here just a litter older.


This is Shadai which got his name changed to Tye as a baby.



CVJ's Tye DyeTye being stacked by Amanda just a spur of the moment photo.

CVJ’s Tye Dye

Roans DO NOT have Blue eyes!
They are okay to breed Roan to Roan, but with the experience, I don’t recommend it.
They do NOT have health issues like some believe that Merles have.
They are listed correctly as Roan through AKC.
It does not take two blue roans to make blue roans.

The best way to get roan is to breed blue roan to a parti and not a solid.
There is also such a thing called Solid Roans, please see below.
I have bred sable roans and I must admit I do not care for it either!
I highly recommend not breeding a merle to a roan, just not a good idea and looks nasty
plus it adds a huge concern to other breeders what exactly is it…lol on top of the merle and roan
issue AKC/ASC already has in play with merle being incorrectly labeled as roans.
I would breed to the most open marked parti possible and also make sure parents behind are open marked.
If they are bred to a closed mark parti then they seem to get darker.
Depending on how the litter was bred you can end up with blue roans, blue roan and tan, red roans,
brown roans and parti’s.
Blue roans when born like a black and white but change as weeks go by.
Red roans are much harder to notice if they will roan and seem to look like red white forever.
Because of ASC not accepting Merle many Merles are registered as roan which they are not.
It is not that they are trying to hide they are Merle just didn’t know how to correctly register them.
This added to a lot of confusion in our breed today.

Roan Merle This was a Merle girl bred to a Roan boy
You would think this girl would be considered Merle.
Technically she is a Merle but technically is a Roan too.
See below how this girl turned out.
This is one of my absolute all-time worst breedings I have EVER done.
It was a first and last for doing this type and I was very uneducated when this happened.

Roan Merle Merle to Roan breeding.
Can you see the blue in the left eye?

Roan Merle Merle to Roan breeding

Roan Merle Merle to Roan breeding

Sable Roan Girl This is a Sable Roan girl

Sable Roan Girl Stacked Photos of her stacked
Photos of her below as she got older.
She is out of Ch. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love x Aj’s N Lin-Mar’s Pursuit of Happiness (Sable/White)

Sable Roan

Sable Roan

Solid Roans

This is Amelia see her grow


AmeliaThis photo of Amelia is really showing the roan on her chest area.
Photo courtesy of Shannon Pope

Aj's Can't Buy Me A Love StoryCh. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love and Aj’s Bedtime Stories
Aj’s Can’t Buy Me A Love Story – Amelia
If you really look close on the chest piece you can see the roan and she produced roan puppies.
Photo courtesy of Shannon Pope

NeckShowing what a roan solid neck looks like

Becky's Girl Her registered name is Aj’s N Shandilyn’s Pretty As A Picture
This girl has produced roan puppies.

Below are more roan photos and some produced by me and by others.
Red roan boy

Angel - Red Roan Cocker Spaniel Angel – Aj’s Beautiful Gift of Anamericha

Angel and Gimmic went to live with Estelle Stamm in France
These two girls have gone on produced some outstanding babies and generations
of gorgeous Roans for Estelle and many other breeders in that country.

Gimmic Blue Roan and Tan Girl This is Gimmic – Aj’s Soft Dream for Anamericha


Tye Dye

Vanish Blue Roan and Tan Male

Kazam a blue roan and tan boy

Gimmic and Angel

Angel and Gimmic playing in the snow before they left for France!


Angel Red Roan Girl Angel – Aj’s Beautiful Gift of Anamericha showing

Blue Roan BabyBlue roan puppy
Do you see the smudge on the face and feet?

Red Roan BabyRed roan puppy.
Do you see the smudge on the face?

Roan LitterA litter of roan babies.  See the one on the far right.
You can already at birth see that one is going to be Roan.
You need to know what you are looking for.

Blue Roan and tan boyBlue roan and tan puppy.

Red Roan Side

Showing you what a red roan.
Red Roan Side

Blue Roan and Tan

Blue Roan and Tan sides.

Blue Roan

Blue RoanA blue roan and tan boy newly born.
Can you see the roaning?

Gimmic and Angel Angel and Gimmic out playing.

Roan LitterA litter of 8-week old roan babies.
You can see roan, partis and red roan.

Shazam Shazam

Our Roans in FranceShazam kids in France- Gimmic, and Angel

Shazam Ch. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love – Shazam – Sam I Am

Angel Red Roan Aj’s Beautiful Gift For Anamericha

GimmicAj’s Soft Dream For Anamericha
Owner Estelle Stamm
Breeder Aimee Cakebread

Red RoanGimmic’s Grandson

Red Roan Angel’s Daughter

Blue Roan and TanGimmic’s Son


blue roanLoris Azzaro Pajaz Of Anamericha Color Dream’s
Blue roan American Cocker Spaniel

Blue roanGimmic’s kids

  Mario Majestic Show of Anamericha Color Dreams
Breeder Esteelle Stamm
Owner Anne Markanen

Flynn Blue Roan and Tan Shazam’s son Flynn lives with Kim Stanley

FlynnCh. Aj’s N Emerald’s Endeavour – Flynn
Owner/Handled by Kim Stanley of Emerald’s Cockers
He has produced multiple champion kids!
Bred by me.

Blue Roan Gimmic’s Grandson

Blue Roan and Tan Gimmic’s Son

Aj’s Can’t Help Falling In Love With You- Sam aka Sam I Am

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