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None of these pictured below are for sale.
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Pursuit of Happiness

Lin-Mar’s N Aj’s Pursuit of Happiness
This girl was such a great example of a sable see her video below

One of my most favorite Cockers was a Sable Solid
Her name was Fancy (Shandilyn’s Fancy Free) she was a sable solid female.

I was allowed to have Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton.
Ashton was given to me by Lynn from Keystone’s Cockers.
My dad picked Ashton up in Oklahoma on his way back to Nebraska from Arizona.
My dad bonded with Ashton and absolutely loved this boy!
After my Dad passed away Ashton was a constant reminder of Dad.
A couple of years later to the day Ashton passed away.
Ashton has produced some outstanding puppies for my Dad and others.
We currently have pedigree’s that go back to Ashton.

Shandilyn's Fancy Free

Shandilyn’s Fancy Free

ScreenHunter_64 Nov. 01 10.36

Haulin Ash

CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash as a baby

Haulin Ash-Ashton

CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton
Who was owned and loved by my father prior to his passing.

Ashton as a baby!

AshtonAshton and his brother


Sable/whites and Sable Merle
Below is a video of these puppies.

Parker looks like a blk/white cocker
but if you look close you will see the tinging on the tips of his hair.
Sharing a photo.


This is Captain and Astro both boys are out of
Both of them appear black but if you look at their sides you can see the tinging.
Again, these boys appear black but truly are sables and if bred to a tan pointed
female will produce sable.

This is Jaymes he is a Sable Seal boy that is owned by JoDee S. he lives in an amazing pet home that keeps him in a coat.
Here you can see the sable coming through in this sable seal boy.
Just like Captain and Astro he from a distance looks black or sun-bleached.

PlayerAj’s Dragon Slayer

Player Player


Player as a baby… Cute!

Promise Baby

Side Photo Side photo

Sable Merle

Sable Merle Boy



Sable Roan girl


Sable Roan Shazam x Promise

DaisyDaisy out of Ashton
What a pretty head.

Did the picture of this girl bring you here?
I am glad you stopped by because we produce AMAZING Sables!!!

NapSables taking a nap


Ariel a solid sable out of Ashton
Don’t you just love those black tips?
Did the picture of this girl bring you here?
I am glad you stopped by because we produce AMAZING Sables!!!

ScreenHunter_89 Nov. 01 10.41Isla
See some of her and Kali (her sister) grown-up

Sable Sisters Showing the sable tinging.

Sable SistersAll grown up- Kali and Isla

Sable Solid
One of the sable kids all grown up.










Player Player
Player as a baby

Below are some of Ashton kids that my Dad produced with Ashton

ScreenHunter_87 Nov. 01 10.41

ScreenHunter_88 Nov. 01 10.41

ScreenHunter_90 Nov. 01 10.41


Daisy Sable Solid

Although Sophie appears black she is a Sable Seal and produces sables.


Dirty 2.0


Pretty although she looks black, you are able to
see the red tinging on her side, this is not because she is a black
that is washed out, this is because she is a sable seal.
Pretty genetically is a sable solid and she does produce sables when bred to
a tan pointed dog. See some of Pretty’s past sables above.
There is not enough information out there about sable seals.
I, however, can tell you this Pretty was one of them.


Introducing Whiskey and Chrome
Chrome  (Sable/White) and Whiskey (Sable Solid)

Chrome is self stacking

Below is a video
Chrome as a tiny puppy

Chrome looking away

Aj’s Smashed On My Ash

Showing off Whiskey’s sable coloring
Below is a video or her playing ball
Whiskey playing ball

Showing the difference between sable solid and sable/white parti
Below is a video
Chrome and Whiskey as babies

isn’t he so cute!!

Meet Cyan
She is on our girls page.
She is a very pretty girl and all that see her just fall head over heals in love with her.

These are not the best stacked photos of her but you can clearly see how pretty she is.

Meet Drama- Aj’s It’s All About That Drama
She is a very open marked sable/white with absolutely no Merle behind her.

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