This page is set up to show case the Sables that I have
had the pleasure to own, currently own and the Sables that I have produced.

None of these pictured below are for sale.
(You do not have permission to use any of my photos for any reason)

If you are interested in sables I am expecting sables 2019.

Pursuit of Happiness

Lin-Mar’s N Aj’s Pursuit of Happiness
This girl was such a great example of a sable see her video below

One of my most favorite Cockers was a Sable Solid
Her name was Fancy  (Shandilyn’s Fancy Free) she was a sable solid female.
Fancy retired from breeding and lived a wonderful life with Lisa F. in Atkinson, Ne up until June 2016
when our beloved Fancy passed away and went to Rainbow Bridge.
Fancy produced many sables including her daughter Pretty (Aj’s Pretty Is As Pretty Does)
Pretty got multiple AKC Champion points.
Pretty produced some of the most extraordinary Sable puppies that I have ever seen!

My next girl was Promise pictured above.
Promise was a sable/white girl who had a produced some of the most amazing puppies from me.
Some of puppies are in breeder homes continuing on with her legacy.
Player aka Aj’s Dragon Slayer is one of Promise puppies you can see him pictured on this page.

I was allowed to have Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton.
Ashton was given to me by Lynn from Keystone’s Cockers.
My dad picked Ashton up in Oklahoma on his way back to Nebraska from Arizona.
My dad bonded with Ashton and absolutely loved this boy!
In 2009 my Dad passed away and I couldn’t handle Ashton as it was a constant reminder of Dad.
I placed Ashton with Chicoryhill Cocker Spaniels in Canada where he became a Canadian Ch.
A couple years later to the day Ashton passed away.
Ashton has produced some outstanding puppies.
Including a daughter Aj’s Bad Ash Merle who produced some extraordinary puppies.
Also a male who I currently own named Bo.
Bo aka Aj’s What A Jack Ash is out of Ashton and Spunky.
Bo is a chocolate sable male.
I also have two of Bo’s kids Chrome and Whiskey who are both Sables.

Shandilyn's Fancy Free

Shandilyn’s Fancy Free

Sable Solid Male


Rubin out of Fancy.
Our 1st Sable litter.

ScreenHunter_64 Nov. 01 10.36

Haulin Ash

CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash as a baby

Haulin Ash-Ashton

CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton
Who was owned and loved by my father prior to his passing.

Ashton as a baby!

AshtonAshton and his brother


Sable/whites and Sable Merle
Below is a video of these puppies.


Parker looks like a blk/white cocker
but if you look close you will see the tinging on the tips of his hair.


This is Captain and Astro both boys are out of
CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash and Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Both of them appear black but if you look at their sides you can see the tinging.
Again, these boys appear black but truly are sables and if bred to a tan pointed
female, will produce sable.

Seal Sable CockerCan you see the tinging?

This is Jaymes he is a Sable Seal boy that is owned by JoDee S. he lives in an amazing pet home that keeps him in coat.
Here you can see the sable coming through in this sable seal boy.
Just like Captain and Astro he from a distance looks black or sun bleached.

PlayerAj’s Dragon Slayer
Watch this amazing video of Player

Player Player


Player as a babyPlayer as a baby… Cute!

Sable Babies

Sable solid babies just born.
Promise Baby

One of Promise babies

Side Photo Side photo

Sable Merle

Sable Merle Boy


I can so smell the puppy breath from here!


Sable Roan girl out of Shazam x Promise


Sable Roan Shazam x Promise




Tru pups 031Sables solids and sable parti’s born out of
Aj’s What A Jack Ash x Ch. Aj’s I’m Parti Trained
Find Bo on our website as he is our Chocolate Sable Male.

This is Dirty he is a sable parti boy who as an adult looks like a black/white
He is out of Bo and Tru and lives with Becky from Shandilyn Cockers.
Aj & Shandilyn’s Dirty White Boy aka Dirty

DirtyDirty again.
Father is our Bo

Dirty's backDirty’s back side showing all that sable.
Father is our Bo

Spice side sable mismark Here is Dirty’s sister – Bo x Tru daughter

SpiceFront shot of her –
She produced sable.

See Bo’s and Tru’s puppies in the video below

DaisyDaisy out of Ashton
What a pretty head.

NapSables taking a nap


Ariel a solid sable out of Ashton
Don’t you just love those black tips?
ScreenHunter_89 Nov. 01 10.41Isla now lives in Georgia with Kim G.
See some of her and Kali (her sister) grown up
Sable Sisters Showing the sable tinging.
ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 15 16.04
Sable SistersAll grown up- Kali and Isla

GirlsGirls just laying around


Kali a sable merle girl

Sable Solid
One of the sable kids all grown up.



 Aj’s Savour The Flavour aka Madison
owned by Gloria B. Madion is out of Vino

Liberty spice

Aj’s N Liberty’s Spice of America

Liberty spice

Aj’s N Liberty’s Spice of America


Aj’s What A Jack Ash aka Bo
Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash x Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Find Bo on our website as he is our Chocolate Sable Male below is a link to his page.

Below is a video of Bo’s hair showing off sable

Bo prancing around in the house
Bo video

Also see his son Chrome and daughter Whiskey who are out of him
that are our upcoming sables.



Aj’s What A Jack Ash aka Bo


Aj’s Dragon Slayer aka Player


Aj’s Dragon Slayer aka Player

PlayerAj’s Dragon Slayer aka Player
PlayerPlayer as a baby
Daisy Sable RoanSable Roan

PromisePromise and her litter mates

PromisePromise and her litter mates

Portia Peen

Aj’s Rocky Mountain High Portia Peen N 2 Profection
She lives with Linda from Rocky Mountain High Cockers.



ScreenHunter_85 Nov. 01 10.41

ScreenHunter_86 Nov. 01 10.41Aj’s Sir Lancelot
CAN CH Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash x Ch PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Aj's Sir Lancelot

Below are some of Ashton kids

ScreenHunter_87 Nov. 01 10.41

ScreenHunter_88 Nov. 01 10.41

ScreenHunter_90 Nov. 01 10.41

ScreenHunter_91 Nov. 01 10.42Drew








Sable Merle Litter

Sable Merle

Daisy Sable Solid

Kissy x BoThis is Kissy x Bo’s Sable/white boy in 2015

Kissy x Bo puppy 2015This is Patrick a Sable/white boy out of Kissy x Bo

SophieAJ’s Black Magic aka Sophie
Although Sophie appears black she is a Sable Seal and produces sables.
She is the sister to Aj’s What A Jack aka Bo.
Sire: CAN Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash x  Ch. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie
She lives with


Shandilyn’s N Aj’s Double Vison aka Dirty


Aj’s Pretty Is As Pretty Does aka Pretty
Daughter to Fancy and Carson.
Pretty although she looks black, you are able to
see the red tinging on her side, this is not because she is a black
that is washed out, this is because she is a sable seal.
Pretty genetically is a sable solid and she does produce sables when bred to
a tan pointed dog see some of Pretty’s past sables above.
There is not enough information out there about sable seals.
I however can tell you this Pretty was one of them.
She produced kids that were just like her.
She also produced sable solids and her kids produce sable seals and sable solids.
Pretty by far out of all the female cockers by far as been my favorite.




This is Sarah
Sarah is out of Aj’s What A Jack Ash (Sable) x Sandcastle’s Bobsey Twin.
Sarah looks black but if you look closer you will see that same tinging
on her back legs and front legs.
You almost have to be right here to see it, but it is there.
It really takes a good eye and knowledge to know what your looking at.
Sarah is genetically a sable solid mismark and she when bred to tan points
will produce sables.

Sable/white boy out of Kissy x Bo prior breeding in 2016
Just so dang pretty.
This is Jasper who I called Patrick. Those may not know that I did a video with him a couple years ago showing how to sponge feed
a Cocker Spaniel, huge hit. But he has turned out stunning.
See him on the video’s page as a tiny puppy.

Sable Girl out of Kissy x Bo
Mom and Dad are both Ch. Sired/ Ch. Dam nice pedigree

There are two videos of this girl.
One of her pretty much as a new born and one at a later date prior to leaving
Baby video

Her as a tiny puppy 

Sable Solid Mismark out of Kissy x Boy 2016

Introducing Whiskey and Chrome out of Kissy x Bo
They will be the next upcoming sables for us for years to come! Chrome  (Sable/White) and Whiskey (Sable Solid)

Chrome is self stacking
Aj’s Smoked Your Ash
His dam is Ch Sired/ Ch Dam and his sire is Ch. Sired/ Ch. Dam


Below is a video
Chrome as a tiny puppy

Chrome looking away

Aj’s Smashed On My Ash

Showing off Whiskey’s sable coloring
Below is a video or her playing ball
Whiskey playing ball

Showing the difference between sable solid and sable/white parti
Below is a video
Chrome and Whiskey as babies

This is a Zander x Whiskey puppy in 2018 isn’t he so cute!!

In 2017 a sable book was published
It is called, A Beginner’s Guide to The Color Sable in American Cockers and other breeds
by Marlys Gallagher which you can purchase on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for approx 14.95
I by no way get any proceeds to this book.

In this book you will find multiple pages that have my cockers that I have produced and have owned.
You will find a stacked photo of Can Ch. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash aka Ashton on page 35
You will also see a Sable Roan female girl I produced on page 23,34 and 35
And a Sable Merle girl that I produced named Kali on page 23


Thank you for visiting our Sables page!