Stacking box

This is my version of a stacking box.
Nothing expensive about it, just plan simple and to the point of what is needed to teach my dogs how to stack.
You don’t need a guy or any major tools to put this together.
I purchased the boards at a big box lumber yard and they cut them to the length that I needed for free.
You will need a screw gun, screws, pencil, tape measure and 4 moving men (super sliders – see photo below)
The above photos break down the length of screws and how many boards I used for that size of the box.
If you are making a box just for Cockers you will need a smaller box.
I would say about 24 to 32 inches long would be just fine.

Here is another view of the stacking box.

Here is what the stacking box looks like it while stacking a Cocker Spaniel.
This is Kali who is 6 months old learning to stack.
What I love about this box helps you take good photos too!
They soon learn where their footing should be.
Of course, the moving men should be down where her pads are but I had
been using the box for my Great Dane and not for the Cockers and this
was for demonstration purposes.