Stud Service

NOTE: This contract can and will change due to information provided by bitch owner
and agreements between the two parties.

     Conditions of Stud Service:

This is to certify that the stud dog : _________________________ AKC #____________________
Is going to be bred to:  ________________________ AKC# _______________________________

The meeting place is _______________________________________________________________

Drop off time and date______________________________________________________________

The length of Stay_________________________________________________________________

Payment of Service

Two types of payments are offered

$_______ for Champion or Champion pointed
and $_______ for other AKC males
amount due on drop off of the female


1st Choice of pick puppy out of the whole litter- this pick is before the Dam Owner/Co Owners

 Circle which one is being offered.

What is a “Heat”

Signs of “Heat” The most noticeable sign is vaginal bleeding.  This may not become apparent until a few days after the female has actually come into estrous.  Vulva swelling should be taken as the first sign in addition to the female paying increased attention such as licking the area near her rear end.

From the beginning of the heat period, she will be attractive to male dogs, but will usually not be receptive or allow mating until about 7-10 days later.  This discharge will usually become less bloodstained at this time.


Following an agreement to breed, it is required that you (Female owner):

  • Provide a veterinary certificate of a negative Vet signed Brucellosis Test with a Negative result.
    We will need a photocopy of all the lab reports.
  • If dropping off, all expenses are the responsibility of the bitch owner.  Including gas, hotel and any and all other expenses.
  • Pay all veterinary costs, at the time of service, while the bitch is in our care. This would include vaginal smears, artificial insemination (if the bitch is unreceptive to natural breeding or we are unhappy with the culture report, etc. ) If an AI needs to be done for this breeding going to the vet is no problem but miles will be calculated and there will be a charge of .50 cents per miles added to that bill.
  • A record of current vaccinations including Rabies.
  • Names and addresses of all prospective puppy owners.
  • Agree that puppies resulting from this breeding shall not knowingly be sold either directly, or to an agent thereof, who sells outright or consigns to a pet shop, kennel, or individual whose purpose is mass production, wholesaling, or retailing of purebred dogs.
  • Copies of eye CERF’s and OFA’s if they have been done.

Prior to an agreement to breed, our responsibilities to you are as follows:
To provide our stud’s AKC registration number
A five-generation pedigree.

Dam Owner  Agreements:

The owner of the female will keep all males confined or inaccessible to all other male dogs AKC
or otherwise from the start of the heat to the end of the heat cycle.

The owner of the female agrees that all puppies resulting from this litter will be properly cared for
and placed in proper homes.

The owner of the female agrees to furnish the stud dog owner with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all new owners of the puppies resulting from this breeding for proper AKC record-keeping within 1 year.

The owner of the female agrees that the stud owner will receive a puppy of choice
at 8 weeks of age if agreed upon above.

Meeting place of the pick puppy will be _________________________________.

The said puppy will be registered through AKC and will receive Full AKC Registration Rights,
the puppy will not be altered or fixed/spayed in any way and will be no co-ownership of the puppy.

The owner of the Female agrees that all dewclaws including the back dewclaws if present will be removed and the tails are to be docked at proper show length which is cutting them where it starts to taper off.
All puppies sired by my male will go on Limited Registration through AKC (no breeding rights) unless agreed upon.
NOTES for FULL REGISTRATION on puppies: ____________________________________.
For every puppy with breeding rights given by the bitch owner, a fee of $1000 per puppy will be owed to the stud dog owner.

Sire Owner Agreements:
The owner of the male agrees to keep the bitch to be bred confined and inaccessible to all other male dogs until the female has been bred and out of her heat cycle.
The owner of the male agrees that reasonable care will be given to the female while in the sire owner’s possession.


General Agreements:
If for some reason your dog dies in the care of Aimee there will be no money owed to the Dam owner unless there is a necropsy done on the dog at the dam owner’s expense.
The vet must find a reason to believe physical harm has been done to the dog by the stud owner.
If they find physical harm has been done to the female $500.00 max will be given to the dam owner.
If the dog runs away, escapes is lost or stolen there will be a $500.00 max that will be given to the dam owner.
You agree that the stud dog owner will not be sued, filed against or try to be rewarded any type of compensation for emotional distress, mental distress, emotionally distraught or any type of pain and suffering you will be agreeing to no type of damages other than the $500.00 mentioned above.

The stud dog owner is not guaranteeing that the breeding of the two dogs will happen.

Aimee is not guaranteeing any particular color will come from this breeding nor does she guarantee how many puppies will be produced.  Aimee will not guarantee the health of the puppies, as the puppies will be living with the female- dam owner.
If the Dam owner wants to provide people with a guarantee that is up to the dam owner.

If breeding does not occur, either naturally or artificially, the owner of the stud dog will NOT return the stud fee
if that was chosen above for any reason.
If for any reason it does not take resulting any alive or dead puppies another breeding be given.
If the exact male is not available, another available male will be provided.
This breeding will need to be done in a 9-month time frame.
A letter from your vet stating the female didn’t take 7-8 weeks from the breeding
either by proof of an Xray or Ultrasound not by palpation’s and at the female owner’s expense
as you will not be compensated for such a test and results.

All puppies resulting in this litter will have Aj’s attached to their registered names.

Since dogs are known to pick their own mate even over the peoples’ choices I do leave an option open of choosing a different sire.

While the dogs are being supervised and there has not been a natural breeding and if the sire owner believes that the original sire chosen is not going to do the deed the Dam owner has one more option.

I will allow another one of my males to attempt to breed your female.

If you want that option please print and sign your name.



The name of the dog which you want bred to other than the original sire._____________________________________

It is also specifically agreed that the stud dog owner is not obligated to sign the application for registration on this litter until the puppies are born and /or the pick puppy is in Aimee’s possession
depending on what is agreed upon above.

NOTE: The American Kennel Club takes the position that the owner of the sire is required to sign an application to register a litter certifying only to the fact that a particular dam was bred to the sire identified on the Litter Registration Application form on a specified date of mating, unless there is an agreement signed by all parties concerned in which it is specifically set forth that the owner of the sire is not obligated to sign an American Kennel Club litter registration application form until such time as the stud fee has been paid or pick puppy back.

 We have read and understood the conditions of the contract.
Any and all fees incurred in the enforcement of this contract shall be done by the party in default.
By our signatures, we agree to these conditions and acknowledge having received a copy of this contract.
No other promises or guarantees apply either stated or implied.

The provisions of this Purchase Agreement/Stud Service shall be interpreted and constructed in accordance with the laws and statutes of the State of ____________.
The venue for any litigation concerning the will be limited to ___________County, under a non-jury proceeding.

Dam owner name and address

Sign___________________________________________                                Date_______________________________

Stud owner name and address



(Note this is only an example of my stud service contract things may be added or removed.
We rarely do stud service but it we need it, this contract is readily available to use and also to be used as a tool for other breeders to make their own stud service contract.)

Cocker Spaniel Stud Service available upon approval