Aj’s She’s A Crazy Merle Ash (Retired)


Sire is Cresentmoon’s Fanpasma
Dam is Frostymerls Blue Eyed Girl
Patella Tested 2016
Cerf’d & Thyroid 2018

Weighed 17.8 pounds as of 11/15/2017


Willow's dad Phantom Her sire Phantom


Piper- Willow’s Mom

Willow Blue Merle and tan girl


willow puppy

Willow as a puppy.

Willow and her littermates
Willow and her litter mates.

Willow sitting on the couch

Willow is always finding her place on the couch!

As of 12/24/2018 Willow got fixed.
Willow went through a huge scare on Christmas Eve when her last litter of
puppies were born and we decided it was better for Willow to fix her.
We now have her son Venom who is out of Zander x Willow to go on with to
continue to produce some amazing puppies!
Venom is a Blue Merle & Tan parti male. with both blue eyes.

Willow and Deuce summer of 2016

Deuce x Willow Cocker babies 2016

Nemo- Aj's Finding MerleThis is her brother “Nemo” Aj’s Finding Merle
Nemo produced wonderful puppies while he lived with us!

Below are some of Willow’s puppies, they are not all of them.
But the ones that we thought you would enjoy.
As you can see she produces a ray of color and coat patterns.
What she produces depends on the male.
When I bred her my brown champion boy I got solids including a buff merle cocker.
When I bred her to Deuce who is a tri color I produced Chocolate tri’s and blue merle parties.
When I bred her to Bo I produced a ray of colors and coat patters.
I got merles, partis, and solids because there are solids behind him as well.
I learned that in these breeding that Willow does carry for brown and produces brown.
I have so many other photos to share with you just to many that the website could handle.
If you click the photo they can be enlarged, but then you will have to click the back button to come back here!