Aj’s She’s A Crazy Merle Ash (Retired)


Sire is Cresentmoon’s Fanpasma
Dam is Frostymerls Blue Eyed Girl
Patella Tested 2016
Cerf’d & Thyroid 2018


Willow's dad Phantom Her sire Phantom


Piper- Willow’s Mom

Willow Blue Merle and tan girl


willow puppy

Willow as a puppy.

Willow sitting on the couch

Willow is always finding her place on the couch!

As of 12/24/2018 Willow got fixed.
Willow went through a huge scare on Christmas Eve when her last litter of
puppies were born and we decided it was better for Willow to fix her.
Venom is a Blue Merle & Tan parti male. with both blue eyes.

Nemo- Aj's Finding MerleThis is her brother “Nemo” Aj’s Finding Merle
Nemo produced wonderful puppies while he lived with us!