Aj’s Born To Be A Bad Ash
Weighed 23 pounds as of 11/15/2017
Patella test per request as I couldn’t get them to load on here.


Zander is just one of those dogs that I should have shown and had him become a Champion.
Some say he is still not too old, but I think what is the point!
This boy is amazing to put your hands on, he produces better than himself.
He really should have a CH in front of his name but in reality of it all not all dogs have to be Champions
to produce better and better and he continues to produce quality puppies.
Real proud of Zander just like his sire Neville.

ZanderMy sweet Zander

Some of the dogs behind Zander below

ScreenHunter_200 Oct. 27 11.54

His Sire Neville- Ch. Aj’s Neville Longbottom

SarahHis Dam Sarah- Aj’s She’s A Bad Ash


CAN Ch. Keystone Haulin' Ash - Ashton

CAN CH. Keystone’s Haulin’ Ash
He was a multiple champion producer.
See more of Ashton and some of his offspring on the Sables page.

Ch. PBJ's Boot Scootin' Boogie- Spunky

CH. PBJ’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie aka Spunky
She is a multiple Champion producer.


Ch Acadia's La Dolce Vita at PBJ'sCh Acadia’s La Dolce Vita at PBJ’s

Ch B-Mac's N Lil People Ragin CajunCh B-Mac’s N Lil People Ragin Cajun

Ch. Rhinestone's Remember Me- JoshuaCh. Rhinestone’s Remember Me- Joshua

Ch Terje's ThumbelinaCh Terje’s Thumbelina

ScreenHunter_33 Nov. 06 03.54

Zander as a baby

Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash- ZanderOut in the park playing so I thought I would try to stack him.

Aj's Born To Be A Bad AshHe so loves balls.
Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash

Having fun playing with his basketball.

Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash
Aj's Born To Be A Bad AshWhat a nice head shot.
I so love his markings!
Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash
Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash
Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash
Aj's Born To Be A Bad Ash

ZanderZander so reminds me of his dad Neville
He is everything a person can ask for.

Zander Baby Tri Color Cocker Spaniel

ZanderStrike a pose

ZanderZander out in the yard playing

Zander and SisterZander and his sister playing before she went to her new home!

Zander’s sister Sarah








Zander headshot