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Welcome to Cakebread Cockers!
We raise our Cockers on an acreage surrounded by corn and bean fields as far as you can see in Iowa.
Our dogs are part of our every day lives, they are family first, then breeding dogs second.
We don’t own a bunch of dogs and that is why you can usually find me on the wrap-around porch holding a Cocker or see one of us snuggled up on the couch watching tv.
Our Cockers are part of our family, along with our children and grandchildren.

Our Cockers are family raised American Cocker Spaniels who are either Champions or have Champion Pedigrees!
Our dogs are strictly AKC registered.  We were inspected on 10/2/2018 and found in full AKC compliance!!
I am an AKC Breeder of Merit. which not all breeders are.

I have been around Cockers since I was a kid, my parents raised them and owned Champions!
A Cocker Spaniel was all I ever knew as being a family dog.
I have been around animals my whole life, from owning racehorses as a kid, working on a dairy farm and owning my own farm.
I have worked as a vet tech and groomer, plus still do side jobs grooming for free for seniors as they can’t always afford a lot.

We have produced Am. Cocker Spaniels with many titles.
Int. Ch., Can Ch., Am. Ch,  Agility, Field Activities, Junior Hunt, Rally, Delta Society, CGC, Star Puppy, Trick Dog Title, best title yet “LOYAL COMPANION”.
I have finished multiple Champions, dogs that I bought and my own bred by’s.
I have a “NEVER give up attitude” as when others told me to give up on a 5-year-old cocker female from being a Champion, I still finished her as it was about principle.
I have had my dogs in a number of magazines and even in a Cocker book!
(A Beginner’s Guide to The Color Sable in American Cockers and other breeds) you can buy it on Amazon.
We have been invited to the Eukanuba Nationals multiple times and one away from Westminster!
Was one of the Top Breeders in the past and had CVJ’s Sassafras who was a Top Producing Bitch for me.
Produced the 1st & 2nd Cocker Spaniel Trick Dog in the WORLD.
Still today many breeders have my dogs behind them and their offspring is producing Champions.
One tri-color male even ranked #6 All Breed and #6 Breed as well as Award of Merit as ASC.
Dragon also finished #9 Breeding Standing for Cocker Spaniel Parti colors in 2018.
His name is GCHB Julre’s Dragon Blend (Not Owned by me) –  Sire A.J.’s One To Take it All who I produced!
He was at the Westminster in 2019.

Of course, if you have ever owned an American Cocker Spaniel you know of the movie Lady and the Tramp.
November 12th, 2019 Disney releases another Lady and the Tramp version.
This version the Cocker Spaniel named Lady in real life is named Rose.
Rose although she didn’t come from me, as I was not her breeder.
Her sire Aj’s Sir Valliant aka Valliant came from me, you can see photos of him on the Merle page of my website.
I wished they would have groomed her better making her appear like the pretty cocker that I know she is, but I assume they were trying to stay true the past movie.
I am excited to see my bloodlines in the movies.
We use to own his daughter but placed her with a friend.  We kept a girl named Thorn, which is Valliant’s grand daughter.

Besides just Cockers-
I have rescued dogs other than Cockers.
Our family has done 2k walks/5k runs for dogs in the Humane Society.
We have donated countless amounts of dog food for dogs in the Humane Society as well as people in need.
I have mentored countless breeders over the years.
Some of my cocker moms have been surrogate mothers.
My cockers also have donated blood for other dogs in need.
I have donated many Cocker puppies to charities and some families in general.
I have given discounts to those who served our country as our family is a military family.
My brothers have all been in the military and two of my kids are currently in the Army.

Our Cockers in other countries-
I have dogs in other countries such as Canada & France, some of the best Blue Roans and Red Roans in France have come from me.
Estelle S. in France has taken two roan pups that she got from me and has excelled with showing/finished them in her country as well as producing exquisite roans that other breeders have not just in her country but in other countries as well.

I have helped others by educating other breeders about coat types such as Merle, Roan, and Sable.
I have attended countless Educational Seminars through Royal Cainn and AKC as well as Breeder seminars.

Health –
In Jan 2022 our Vet came and did a Vet Inspection, our dogs are all healthy, vaccinations up to date including rabies.
Most of our Cockers being used for breeding have been tested for Patella’s, CERF’s, PRA-PRCD and Males DNA’d.
I have also done some color genetic testing on some of my cockers.
Other breeders push upon other breeders to get OFA’s such as hips/elbows yet don’t test for Patella’s.
It’s a society thing to ask, “did you did OFA’s” and when you say, “No” that is the end of the conversation.
Cockers rank #7 for Patellas, #140 for Hips OFA,  #117 for Elbows
Since I last posted them since the stats in 09 we have dropped farther down for both Hips and Elbows and
even farther down for patellas.
It is a society thing to push OFA’s hips/elbows and not Patella’s.
Here is what else you don’t know, many vets put the dog under to get OFA’s.
The local vets here put the dogs totally under sedation so they can manipulate the joints to take xrays.
It is a whole day process for the dogs including recovery time.
Can you imagine putting your dog to sleep that has a chance not to come out of it just for a test that could have been prevented because, in reality, we don’t rank that high in the stats for that testing.
Click here to see the stats for yourself – STATS
Cost for Patella’s is about $100 and does not have any health risk on the dog where
OFA’s is about $300-$500 and risks the health of the dog by being put under.
What is even crazier if you look at the stats it says that we rank #22 for Thyroid yet many breeders don’t push that.

Ask your breeder are you licensed?
We are also licensed through the State of Iowa Dept of Ag #11471 last inspected on 01/18/2022.
In notes this year the inspector said “Excellent facility, very well maintained.”
Each year the State of Iowa Dept of Ag does an unannounced inspection to our kennel.
In the State of Iowa each year a licensed Vet and State Dept of Ag inspector comes to our home and it’s required if you are breeding and you have more than 3 dogs.

When looking for a puppy to call yours, I highly recommend getting one from someone who is state-licensed.
Reputable breeders are licensed and must provide their animals with adequate housing, sanitation, nutrition, water, and veterinary care.
1. It pretty much is the law in most states if you have over 3 to 4 dogs but a lot of breeders are under the radar and don’t get licensed.
Some states don’t require you to be licensed and I don’t recommend buying from a breeder from those states.
No regulations on the quality of life for the adult breeding dogs.
2. You are required to have a vet inspection and get state inspected, this is done yearly, making sure parents are healthy.
3. Being licensed you are required to have an inspection of your kennel or house where the dogs are living so you know the parents are well taken care of and puppies are growing up in a healthy environment.

Producing exquisite Cocker Spaniels in a total package
health, temperament, confirmation, brains and in all coat types.

We own our home in Iowa, our home sits on an acreage surrounded by corn and bean fields in all directions.
Kenny and I have been born and raised in Iowa/Nebraska.
Where we call home, they call it a tri-state area.
It is where Iowa/Nebraska and South Dakota meet, meaning we can be in any one of those states within 5 minutes.
The closest major city is Sioux City, Iowa if you are looking at a map.

Our family consists of 6 kids ages 13-26 years old.
4 of our kids are grown, have children of their own that we now get to spoil.
Our children live only minutes away and we are always spending time with them.

We also call Arizona home too.
Kenny’s Mom and my Mom both live there as well as other immediate family members.
All of my childhood life I recall going to spend winters in Scottsdale, Arizona as dad
owned his own Construction crew and in the winter months in the Midwest was too cold to pave concrete
so we got to enjoy the fall through spring months in Arizona
We visit as often as we can and even stay the winter months when allowed, true snowbirds!
Because of this extended family, we do a lot of traveling between the two places.

Here you can see two of our kids.
Nathan on the left who is my youngest and Casey on the right who is Kenny’s son.
Because we are a military family we do discounts to those that can prove they serve or have served.
We are Army strong!

A litter was born with two puppies in it.
Mike and Jan got one and JoDee and Todd got the other one.
I invited both of them in March to meet each other,
allowing the siblings to see each other again and allowing me to see how they have
grown in person as I have watched them grow up in photos.
I have a bond with both of the owners both now considered past puppy buyers.
Above is a photo of some of use just sitting around with the Cockers.
The brothers meeting again for the 1st time since they were babies!!
I think it is very special for them to get see their siblings and whenever possible I try to make this happen.
Can you imagine seeing your brother or sister again?
I think it is a beautiful thing.

This day was very joyous as JoDee and Todd took home two puppies.
One of them was gifted to Todd because he recently lost his beloved black male
and to help him he got another black boy.
They also delivered a puppy that was gifted to another person in Manchester, Iowa.

Here you can see we take our dogs everywhere!
We enjoy traveling and going on adventures with our family and dogs since you never know
when it may be your last so we try to make as many memories as we can.

The motto here…..
“It’s All About The Dogs”
What you don’t see is that I am many Cocker lists, I actually am an owner of a FB group for Cockers,
I am always trying to stay up to date on new products, what other breeders are doing,
what works and what does not work.
As well as any recalls on toys, cages, and food.
Our everyday lives are surrounded by the love and care of each one of our dogs and puppies.
Our mornings start early and our days end very late.
We are constantly cleaning, feeding, washing, drying, grooming, teaching potty training skills, and playing with everyone.
If that is not enough you see me constantly taking photos and videos of puppies and sharing them
on my website and my FB page.
Updating my Cakebread Cockers FB page and updating my website.
Emailing, messaging, calling potential Cakebread Cocker owners as well as
talking to other breeders and answering their questions.
Then there are vet visits including Health Certificates, driving to get dog food, crates, shipping/meeting and supplies.
I am constantly asked all kinds of questions from other breeders, looking at pedigrees and educating others.
This cycle is endless.
It truly is dedication, there are days that I do feel why do I do all this.
We will be in the middle of a meal and I stop to answer someone’s question or FB message.
If we are shopping I am walking around with my phone attached to my face because I am responding to an email.
People don’t get that we too have lives and want that immediate attention.
Even our holidays don’t get to be about family but holidays are spent with the Vet (2018) to have a Csection.

There is tons of drama in raising dogs:
The drama between breeders no matter in Cockers or another breed it is insane.
There are a lot of lies spread, rumors, hearsay, accusations, and stuff taken out of context.
Lies spread that can’t be undone, put on platforms that can’t be removed even when found untrue.
It is like a game of the telephone.
Things posted may or may not be true and as we already know assumptions are like assholes we all got them.
Some quit breeding just because they can’t stand the drama.
So, no matter if you get a pup from me or someone else do not always believe what is out there go and ask for references from past puppy owners, they truly know first hand, not from another breeder that might not like that breeder
or what you read on social media.

In 2019 there were lies spread about me.
They made FB pages about me and 3 other cocker breeders besides me.
They post on pages and posted stuff on other platforms/websites.
A person in California who I never met nor talked to even contacted my county and state.
They took photos of my parents, siblings, my children and other family members and posted on FB
altering their photos, making up stories, photo editing text and calling them all kinds of names.
They went to local FB swaps/market place to see what my family members and I post and use it against us to cause harm.
For over a year and a half they have bullied, stalked and harassed my whole family.
I even had to contact law enforcement.
They used my address and made my kids in fear.
One of the pages where taken down but starting in November 2021 other pages went up.
I have contacted the Sherriff’s office and criminal charges will be filed.
They are not only harassing, stalking and cyber bullying me but my family members.
These same people are also doing the same thing to 3 other cocker breeders besides me.
In Jan 2022 the sheriffs office and other law enforcement are working together to stop this.
These people are cowards they created these pages with no recorse because they don’t put their name out there.
They make these pages with my name.
No admin name, no owner name they just hide behind these pages judging.
If someone has a problem you don’t hide behind a computer or phone screen.

Why do I continue to do it, simple I love Cockers and it is a joy to share them and bring joy to others!

We strive to raise the best quality, Cocker Spaniel.

You will fall in love with this merry cocker, whether you are looking for a
show prospect, breeding prospect or just a family dog.
If you are interested in a new puppy, or just here to learn about the breed.
To see fantastic cocker photos feel free to look around but be prepared to sit for a while
as there is plenty of good information here!

Our Cockers are our babies and such blessings they are they just happen to have amazing pedigrees.
They are our family first!

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 05 21.29

If you are interested in one of the puppies please go to Policies-
It has a drop-down box and read Deposits, Shipping, Puppy Contract
and all other contents on the website before sending a deposit.
Please carefully read all the information about our puppies as we want you to understand all information
about purchasing a puppy and all the information about the puppies here at our home.

Email: Cakebreadcockers@gmail.com for any questions or available puppies

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We are proud to announce we met all requirement to be a Breeder of Merit in 2018
which is not an easy achievement and not all breeders ever get to this level.